Leinster Senior Football Championship 2019


he lives next door to alice but they dont talk


Who the fùck is Alice ?


I’ve been waitin to hear that for 24 yrs


Yis are gas lads! :laughing:


I agree it’s a long time since they have come anywhere near beating a top team.


We weren’t at the races this year at all…when are Kildare starting their NewBridge or nowhere campaign for the Leinster championship ? :wink:


Pointless, we’ll beat them anywhere.


Don’t know the heavy weight champ never see the knockout punch coming. If kildare improve and made their Leinster semi against dublin their focus for the entire year they could catch us cold. It’s unlikely but the get a warm up game we don’t and our first champo games it’s taken us a while to get into our stride.

This the team is built around not being complacent but the law of averages would say we have to get beaten at some stage


Only if Congress bring in a rule where we have to play with one hand tied behind our back. Given recent recommendations I would not totally rule this out.


Now I did say it was unlikely if we had of won in 2010 we’d be going for 15 in a row now. Surely one of them could stand up and pull off a shock


Due to the back door , there wont be excitement in a provincial championship , unless a minnow gets to a final.

Everything else is just arse boxing until it gets to knock out or last 2 games of the super 8’s

I really think your a gas ticket alan - its all doom and gloom, you seem to cling to distant past memories were the same teams won and the football was generally shite, sorry kicked and contested.


What? You mean when there was genuine competition between players for the ball instead of the handpassing keep ball nonsense we have at the moment? Yeah. Who would want that?

Inter county football is about the only thing I have an issue with. At club level there’s a huge amount that’s good going on. Inter county hurling is in great shape. I’ve enormous time for the thousands and thousands of people who give their time to the GAA nationwide. And I totally agree with O’Rourke that at school and underage level you get the games at their purest.

So it’s not all doom and gloom. But the cocoon that surrounds inter county these days has destroyed it.

Sorry if you disagree with that. It’s just the way I see it.


It’s a sad state of affairs, but I just don’t care about the draw anymore. In past years I’d be watching to see if we were going to meet Meath or Kildare early, but now I just feel we are going to win Leinster no matter what, so who cares who we play and when.

I do think if we play Kildare in the semi they could give us a better game, maybe get within 6 or 7. But that would primarily be down to us playing in a lower gear. If both teams were going for it fully we would hammer them.

I’m guessing that Leinster Council are hoping Wexford win the first round. Wexford park would accommodate the demand for that game and it would be nice to have a trip down there. If Louth win I don’t know where they would play it. For nostalgia’s sake it would be nice to play a championship game back in Navan (during the ninties we seemed to regularly start our championship there), but I doubt the ground could currently hold the amount of spectators. If Louth win, I could see the game being a double header with Kildare v Wicklow, perhaps in Portlaoise.


Intelligent football and accurate passing over hit and hope all day for me.

I do disagree - maybe Leinster has always been a shit standard based on all Ireland returns - Take the 20 years previous to 2011 - 3 all Irelands from Leinster teams. No coincidence that once the back door came in Leinster teams weren’t even making all ireland finals with the exception of meath in 2001

We’ve moved on each year from that standard.


There’s no issue with accurate passing when 95 per cent of passes are less than ten yards and almost entirely by hand. The purpose of team sports is competition for possession. There’s precious little of that in Inter county football anymore.


Is that you definition of the purpose or is there a rule somewhere.


Dublin are a wonderful football team to watch. The best I have ever seen. Even Victor Meldrew (the English version) would doff his cloth cap.


The Res dubs version wouldn’t


I would have thought most people would see it that way. Fine if they don’t.


one of the worst things i can think of on a football pitch is headless decisions.
Connaught final a few years ago , Galway roscommon game in the pissing rain in salthill i think it was.
Last 10/15 minutes the amount of headless running up the pitch lung bursting solo’s only to loose the ball from both sides.

Personally I think you do the current hand-passing to retain possession and work a score a disservice. It’s a skill in itself.