League of Ireland


Shows complete and utter contempt by the fans towards the League of Ireland.

Doubt Delaney and pals were forcing people into Lansdowne at gunpoint.


60 quid for a friendly. I’m delighted for any idiot that paid that. Absolute mongs


Exactly its the fans to blame, not Delaney for this issue. Charges for FAI cup final etc less than 20 euro I think with deals for kids. I never understood the concept of “following” an English team. Last soccer match was a corporate event I was brought to in 2010, Ireland V Argentina in Aviva, Messi and all playing. At half time my only thought was to wish that I could leave, it would have been bad manners to my host to do so, and thinking that I missed Ballymun V Vins in the AFL 1 that night , to watch this garbage . That’s really the truth


I went to Dalymount park for the first time in my life for the Dublin Derby about two months ago.

I’ve been to soccer games in Aviva, White hart lane & old trafford.

The craic and the passion shown by both sides in Phibsboro was far better than anything I experienced at any of those games with the Pro’s.

I’ve been back twice since and enjoyed all visits.

The standard of football is very poor at times but the sense of occasion I feel is better.


I know someone who flew over to Manchester to support United. Nothing unusual in that, except he wasn’t going to the actual game, he was watching it in some huge united themed boozer. He told me everyone was kitted out in red, they did all the chants and songs and boohed the opposition. He had a brilliant time. Sounds like hell on earth to me!


Apparently, attendances in the Premier Division are up quite a bit on previous years.


Sounds like behind the goal on the Hill but with better gargle and less bodhrans :slight_smile:


They are but still nowhere near where they should be. Standard is down a bit on previous years but still nowhere near as bad as some people make out. Sean Maguire is probably the best striker Ireland have available to them at the minute and he was playing here 3 weeks ago.


Two more pints there barman …


Absolutely not, be do you think the revenue earned will be ploughed back into the League of Ireland ?


No. But this isn’t the GAA we’re talking about.


Like most of you here I cannot understand how they (premiership soccer supporters) use the word “We” when talking about english soccer sides. I have often had rows with lads trying to explain they’re not from liverpool , manchester or london


I was in the Gravediggers many moons ago (mid noughties maybe) with a couple of Dublin lads. One a big Hammer and the other a Liverpool fan - both adamant that they would prefer to see ‘their’ team winning the Premiershit than Dublin winning Sam. Unfuckinbelievable … and never forgotten.

‘We’ me hole … for what died the sons of that woman …


My pet hate is the " we " thing.

I don’t give a F^%# who you support even if your a Rangers fan who follows linfield on the side.

If your not from the place don’t say " we "


Should you say “we” if you don’t play for the team?

What if the players aren’t from the city where their team plays?


Of course. It’s hardly my fault that Jim Gavin won’t pick me …


My best from the early noughties, just after the smoking ban came in, standing outside a pub in town having a smoke and chatting to some American tourist. We get joined by a dub who spent the next five minutes explaining to the yank why we Irish hate the English so much and we always will.

All this while he was bet into an Arsenal jersey about four sizes to small for him, I was too busy dieing inside to point out the irony to him!


Exactly the same thing happened before Croker was opened to foreign games . . . A protester was pictured with a placard" No foreign games in Croke Park" wearing a Celtic jersey


Did that actually happen or was the photo photoshopped? That’s what I heard but I don’t know.


Photoshopped by Kevin Myers.