League of Ireland




you’d have to dig around danial mc donnels twitter feed last week - he mentions that at the presser afterwards yer man didnt know that the FAI pocket all the TV rights (as in it isnt spread out to the clubs) and that RTE do not allow the FAI/the clubs to show any goal action online until after soccer republic is over (which can be three nights later)

he kept making startled looks at the FAI PR lad who was there with him lol


Not many people know this but Irvine Welsh is a Bohs fan. He was a regular in dalymount during the time he lived in dublin and regularly tweets about us. If you watch Trainspotting 2, I’m 99.9 percent certain you will see he got his Bohs membership card in it. Just need to see it again to confirm it but I said it to my mate before he saw it last night and he said I’m right :sunglasses:


Indeed from the movies we can establish that Irvine has a warped sense of humour …


Shocking news coming out of Derry this evening. RIP Ryan


What happened the lad? RIP


Just saying he died suddenly. Was found dead in his bedroom apparently



Shane Supple won’t forget that goal in a hurry :unamused:


Mad stuff from the chairman of Bray Wanderers here - https://twitter.com/markmccadden/status/890521869400633344


and right there is the thing “we aim to redevelop the carlisle grounds and use the funds to build training pitches and facilities”

they can house the flying pigs there as well.


Another statement. Chap is completely fucking bonkers


Cmon the Bohs!!!



Hard luck last night Shamsters


Bohs put manners on Cork!! Only one Georgie Poynton …


What a few days. Hero’s every last one of them


Might have to change my name to Dub07!!


Lads ! What’s the story with Lansdowne Rd being packed for challenge games involving liverpool and man. utd !! Shows complete and utter contempt by the FAI towards the League of Ireland.


Was it ever any different???


Groundhog Day!

The Premiership bubble MUST be close to finally bursting?


As long as Sky , BT & foreign demand for viewing rights is around it will be fine .