League of Ireland


Shambolic but unsurprising


The league should be extended for another 3/4 weeks instead playing teams of playing 3 games in a week. I know clubs would have pay salaries for a extra month but surely fans would go to more games if they were spread out. Read somewhere Bohemians 5/7 games in April are away.


Apologies if this is somewhere else . . . Delighted for the FAI & John Delaney as they head for a grilling at the PAC


Heading to Bohs Pats game later, I’ll be driving with ths chislers, looking for somewhere safe, free and near the ground to park the car if anyone can help me?


I think Connaught street is free, or was the last time I was at a Bohs match (last July). Got parking just up from the shopping centre. There are a few streets in around the ground are 24hour P&D. Further up in at the Gravediggers is free after 7 if I recall. 5 minute walk from there

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P&D in Brian Boru carpark.


Grand spot , always park there for games.


Cheers lads, i’ll try both, close to the ground which is the main thing

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And if your drinking in the pub, you don’t have to pay ! Only pay for when your heading off for the game & when ya expect to return .

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Another win for Bohs at home to Pats. :sunglasses:


Pats reduced to 10 men with about 10 to go. But the Bohs are back in the groove!


Scumrock just gone 2-1 up against UCD :-1:


3-1 now! Boooo




This is going to be a great season, watching the Shams blow a big lead and finish fourth, just behind Bohs.


Pats very toothless up front, ref very fussy last night with his whistle, brennan must of got red for something he said as the challenge was innocuous, could be a long season for us. Good to see nearly 3500 at the game.


Looks like half this message board was at the game :smiley:


Our good start continues. Can’t believe how bad Pats were though. One of the most predictable teams I’ve ever seen. Long balls into the corner and swing it into the box over and over again. Cornwall and Finnerty dealt with it all night and truth being told we could be still playing now and Pats still wouldn’t look like scoring. Pressure building on Harry Kenny already. They really need to win next week.


Great start for Bohs. But…not scoring enough goals to keep it up I fear, and two of the wins have come against sides playing very poorly (in Shams’ case who have improved hugely since) and who were down to 10. Still, take it while it’s going. I was really hopeful that they’d get a measure of revenge over Cork for the semi-final last year but a 2-0 defeat considering Cork’s form was dropped points.


Eamo back on his pod today after an absence due to an operation . Towards the end said he was away when a big development happened . Fully expected him to talk about Delaney but goes on about OGS getting the United job .
Would have been interesting to hear his thoughts on it, I’ve heard he’s written about it.