League of Ireland


Absolutely brilliant result … and a performance the entire country should be proud of. :clap: :clap:


And then on the flip side…

Looks like Tolka Park will be no more.


That was pretty much announced a while back. I’d worry for Shels here. They have a debt that is rumoured to be in the region of 7 million, no asset to offset it against, and are now moving stadium again. Wouldn’t like to see them go to the wall again but a mate of mine who supports them thinks the writing is on the wall for them. They’re barely getting 500 into their games these days. Moving to what is aways going to be Bohs stadium, no matter what the lease says, in Bohs’ catchment area, could hurt their attendance further. They really need to get promoted next season to have any hope imo


Walked past tolka the day of the Kerry match, was shocked at how it seems to be exactly the same as I remembered it from my loI attendance days, and even then it was the same as it had forever been.

I guess it will be sold off for housing, though I hope that dcc would turn it into a multi sports venue for that part of the city.


It’s on a floodplain so I’m not really sure what they can do with it.


Shels/TP fans won’t agree but it’s too tight for use as a big venue there, river on one side, private properties behind stands at either end, narrow, busy road the other side. Only way would be build over the river but can’t see that happening.

Any news on DCC development of Dalymount? Seems to be nearly two years since that agreement now


Yeah we had our info meeting on it a month or so ago. 2017 is the last season at Dalymount as we know it. As soon as the season finishes, the bulldozers move in and Bohs and Shels will use Tolka for two seasons. All work being carried out at the same time, dalymount, phibsboro shopping centre etc


Who is funding the redevelopment?


DCC and Government funding. It’s DCC’s stadium now. They bought it of us at the beginning of this year. It’s a fantastic amenity to have on the Northside for soccer. All kids teams will have the option of using it, possibly a museum going in there, gyms etc. It’s fantastic for the area and for Bohs, we would never have cleared out debts without selling dalymount. The fact we’ve managed to sell it, and remain in it, is remarkable success story for our board. Serious effort went into getting this deal done


Jaysus I thought it was to start very soon, another year so. Hope it doesn’t get kaibosched by red tape etc. So Tolka lives on as a stadium for top-level games for another few years…

As you say, it will be great if all goes ahead and gets completed, you just never know with the economics in this country/city!
Phibsboro so badly needs a lift too, the centre looks awful, absolute disgrace the way buildings owners, business people, and planners, legal people etc have been allowed to let the crossroads at the centre be left so bad, for so long, since the bank closed, then the opposite corner became a bookies & closed, and Doyle’s just looks so grimey & unkempt


Agreed. Things are notoriously slow moving with DCC but this seems to be moving at a fast pace. The tolka lease issue was supposed to take much longer, aswel as shopping centre planning but all that seems to be moving quick. Once the bulldozers come in its in their interest to complete it asap


Dundalk falling agonisingly short again. Still well placed, I reckon. If Zenit win their last two games, I feel Dundalk can get a result in Tel Aviv. I think then a point at home against Alkmaar would see them through? The problem here, though, is that Zenit have now qualified.

This must also be put in perspective. Zenit are the 2nd highest ranked team in the competition. Their squad contains senior international players from Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, among others.


I’m not sure I like this Dundalk style of play. This getting the bail down and passing it about to feet and keeping possession is not very Irish. I dunno how they could be successful worth this.

Knock it up long and put them under pressure I say …


…get in behind them. They don’t like it up em them Europeans, Captain Mainwaring!


Dundalk looking very tired, understandably… They need a win in Tel Aviv to stand any chance.


Score draw I think might do them if Zenit win? Ironically they looked more tired when they don’t have 3 games a week. Great season though - nobody can take that away.


I see where you’re coming from… if all three teams finish level, head to head is ruled out? Would a 0-0 do also? Hopefully, Zenit do a job on AZ… and if it’s a case that a draw/scoredraw will do for Dundalk, then Maccabi will have to come out attacking.


Great effort from Ddalk, hopefully other LOI teams can get hope and learn from it. But ti will be a freak event if the clubs cannot find a way to upgrade.


Did anyone see the report on the league of Ireland ? What a joke !!!


it did what it was supposed to do - endorse Dear Leader, tell everyone to shut up, and to gather dust on a shelf.

the fact that in the press conferance afterwards the reports author clearly did not know things about how the league was run or how the tv deal is organised said volumes. The FAI treated him like a mushroom, paid for what they wanted and have closed the chapter on it.