League of Ireland


Ballyhale played Ballygunner last week in the All-Ireland Club SHC semi-final last week. RTE’s website had the live score as “Bal 0-3 0-4 Bal”.
As Jackie Fullerton might have said, “Well done to whoever is winning there”.


I saw the final score - Bal ended up beating Bal.


Back in the 70s, Brendan O’Reilly was flying as quick as he could through the LOI scores and he came to the last match " and Athlone Town 2…eh…em… sinn a bhuil de cursai sport…"
He had left out a team somewhere so the results were all wrong !


A few weeks ago their top story on the 8.30am radio one sports news was a Leeds Utd match. Unf…king believable!


Credit to RTE where its due, the 15 seconds of highlights from the Bohs game were excellently edited & put together. Well done RTE keep up the good work :+1:


Were you watching in colour or in black & white?


It was over that fast I couldn’t tell, I thought I sat on the remote :grin:


Kinky b@stard.


Anybody have any ideas for getting my hands on two tickets for Bohs Rovers tonight ?


Hope we beat the hooped scum tonight to make it 3 from 3


I’ll be down in Inchicore myself to see if Pats can keep up there 100% record too.


Believe it’s sold out a while now people even paying over the odds


1-0 Bohs

Dinny Corcoran peno


All over

1-0 :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Top of the league!



Pats game was poor enough, not enough creativity. Still 7 points from 9 is not a bad start.


Great start to the season for Bohs, they needed that for a change, especially with the loss of some quality players in the off-season.

With Cork in trouble this could be a procession for Dundalk, here’s hoping they will slip back a bit and give the rest a chance!


Anyone hear the podcast with Stewie Byrne , on OTB the other evening . Some interesting stories on it , especially regarding Stephen Kenny .
Byrne is also writing music now , played his song on the show . Thought it was ok , not my cup of tea generally.


Bohs drawing 0-0 at HT down in Waterford. Wouldn’t be a bad result if it stayed like that