League of Ireland


In fairness her cousin Glen Toran isn’t much better.


He see-ams toooo have won of doe-iz Dub-a-lin acc-sents dat own-lee Day-me-en Demps-see speeeks wit, mee aul shegoshah


I mentioned the video to a guy I know who has been involved in Dalyer for a long time now and he was less than effusive about it.


says everything to me about football in Ireland that they are pushing the sean cox match on a day that there is a full set of fixtures for LOI. They don’t care about their own league. JD is unbelievably inept for a guy that earns a kings ransom as a wage. He could become tea shop as Tony Cascarino would say with those credentials


As a LOI fan I love it when JD & FG make an arse of themselves so a big :+1: from me to Fran Gavin for making my day yesterday


Twice they used Dalyers bars before matches with Shels, they spent a fortune and caused no hassle whatsoever


Who did?


Linfield fans.


I have less fond memories - going back to the 70s, but I’m not sectarian. Just don’t like the b**tards …


New season starts tonight - heading down to Richmond Park later with the young lad - really optimistic about this season - we’ve made some great signings - hopefully we’ll be in the shake up come the end of the season


Didn’t realise you supported Cork


I nearly fell off my seat laughing when I read that!


Mick McCarthy at Pats v Cork, Robbie at Bohs v Harps and Terry Connor at Dundalk v Sligo

Good to see :+1:


Bohs with a 100% start to the season… Come you gypos!


Scummy Hoops won with a last minute goal in Waterford :-1:


Brian Kerr was at the Pats match. Wasn’t great game. Think Cork will struggle this season.


Great atmosphere at Richmind Park tonight, just under 3500 there, pats defended very well, McCabe had a super game in the middle of the park, Webster a giant at the back and Drennan ran his legs off up front. Pats would of drawn or lost that game last year so a very positive start to the season.


RTE televise the League yet it’s down in 7th place on this (lower than the Carabao & Championship) with the FAI Cup, First Div and EA almost out of sight further down.

Wouldn’t you think they’d have the domestic stuff first???


Don’t even start. The inaccuracies and deficits of rte wrt LOI info are gobsmacking


Clifford played well too. Forrester looked off the pace but probably hasn’t played much ball, will get better as season goes on.