League of Ireland


Haven’t really followed his career since he was in Holland, I would have said that’s a surprise but reading up on him he seems to have been in steady decline for a while.


Yeah it does look that way. Wigan and Blackburn are reasonably big clubs, especially for a young Irish player. But he didn’t cut the mustard it seems. Hopefully gets it back on track at Rovers, for his sake alone.


Heard his attitude was poor alright. Career only going one way. Too much too soon for young players who are at premier league clubs. Patrick Viera said he was trying to bring a few young players from English clubs to Nice but their demands were ridiculous. These were lads who had nt played a league game.


Saw an interview with him from few years back. He seemed dead on and well grounded. Spoke very well about losing his Dad at a very young age. Not writing him off, but if Kilmarnock were happy to off him on a free, and you see them today against the Celts, you’d be worried for him.

Those Vieira comments don’t bode well. Been to Nice a heap of times, what a place to live and train etc. Sancho to Dortmund is one of not too many where young British players recently signed abroad permanently, and succeeded. Gauld to Lisbon another, don’t think that worked out though .


Reiss Nelson on loan at hoffenheim doing well. Irish qualified Dan Crowley at Willem in the Dutch league also. Wales James Lawerence at Anderlecht playing each week. Can be a good move for a player who has the right attitude.


Yep, as an Arsenal fan Nelson looks a great prospect. Not too many that have done permanent moves have worked out. Lots out on loan obviously. Hopefully Crowley does the business and declares for us. Might need a move to one of the big 3 in Holland.


Hoffenheim are apparently sniffing around Aaron Connolly at Brighton would be great to see him go to the Bundesliga


First derby game is a Monday night and the second is a Tuesday night…


Reminds me a bit of the early kick offs for the old firm . Presume this is to avoid trouble ?


No it the FAI cramming in fixtures. 3 games in a week. Does’t seem to be as many Monday/Tuesday fixtures as other years.




And suitably bearded to boot!


JD and his buddies embarrassing themselves once again


Fran Gavin is an embarrassment to the league.


And will continue to be as long as JD is there. He’s one of his lapdogs


Could be worse. He could be a pug.


In keeping with the FAIs long-standing tradition of outstanding incompetence. Nobody wants Liverpool’s sister club Linfield down here anyway.


Jesus, you never stop!