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Steve Staunton in the running for the Dundalk job apparently


Must be a slow day in the tabloids. I suppose if Dundalk want to dismantle something that’s been successful Stan is your man. I mean who dreams up these stuff.


Saying that, there really isn’t an obvious experienced candidate for the job. Doolin is probably the most high profile available name but I wouldn’t see his drill sergeant routine going down well with that group of players. They may end up taking a punt on a recently retired player that’s got the requisite UEFA badges.


Some players want vinny Perth to step in. Makes sense , he knows the players and set up. Less risky than an outside appointment.
Nb- I had a brief spell as a player under Doolin s uncle . Jaysus joe as he was well known.


In some ways. But we’ve seen umpteen lads at all levels of football that can’t make that step up from coach to manager, it’s a very different role.


jimmy Floyd hasslebank in the running for Dundalk job now


Would know Doolin well as he’s a neighbour of my Ma but don’t think he’s been involved in a while with a team and I think he’s back working 9-5 after taking a long career break.


Ballybrack FC faking a player death to get a game called off. That is just low.




He was a dead ball specialist?


Absolutely bizarre. They’ve been thrown out of the league I believe


The player was interviewed on Sean o rourke this morning. It’s like something out of fr ted.


Is there anything to be said for saying another mass?


By the sounds of it he nearly had one said for him.


Made Sky Sports News too!


Did he play on that over 75 team with Father Jack?


Story gone Worldwide now , sports illustrated, ny times , Marca have picked up on it. Jaysus you can get away with nothing now.


Trust the Waterford Whispers lads to get in on the act!


Jack Byrne signs for Rovers. Was meant to be the next big thing, his stock has fallen a lot. Discipline meant to be an issue there too.