League of Ireland


Trevor Croly staying on as No.2 at Bohs. 3yr deal


Ex Bohs player Aymin Ben Mohammed won an African champions league title with Esperance of Tunisia last night.


Still collecting the scratcher over here too


How does that work do the club fly him back from Tunisia to sign on?




Shutterstock is one of if not the biggest image rights companies in the world. O’Neills and Bohs are taking action against shutterstock and expected to win.


They’re reducing their budget by 300k but still leaves them fully professional. They will remain the second/third highest payers in the country. Casey got a great deal off them considering he turned down Rovers 900 quid a week offer.


Bohs could be in serious trouble next year. few centre halfs gone and now Shane Supple retired. Keith Long might be regretting his decision to stay



Big losses. Best of luck and commiserations to Shane, had a cracking season.


That was nt expected was it. Best of luck to him. Bohs have signed a keeper James Talbot who was with Sunderland . He used to cut my grass when I lived in the Tolka estate . He played with the home farm team who were in that premier dreams doc that setanta had a few years ago.


also plays with ballymun kickhams




Not in goals though!


He has kickhams team featured in his twitter profile. Has he played much for them,considering he s been in the uk for past 5 years. He told the bro in law I can t cut your grass anymore and why not asked the bro in law , I m signing for Sunderland says James . He been waiting all day to do that . Although considering how shite Sunderland are …


He came back from Sunderland after a few years over there playing in the underage/reserve teams mostly. Was a goal keeper for them. Played midfield traditionally for us as a juvenile and was a fantastic player. Came back at the start of this year and was in the senior panel. Delighted he signed for Bohs! Great lad with a terrific attitude.


I hope he’s better in goal than his namesake Matt Talbot. The ball used to go right through his hands.


Was reading this article about him the other day. Never realised he was home.


Hearing that for a few seasons now but Keith Long keeps delivering, I have no reason to doubt him now