League of Ireland


I’d dread wearing that!


Loadsa versions now … click here and there are loads more under


This St Pats one :grin:




That’s it stir it up


Harry Kenny taking over at St Pats


Little darling. Johnny Logan that is.


Is it a sign for Dub hurlers?


Keith Long signs a new 3yr deal with Bohs. Probably their most important signing they’ll have ahead of next year


3 years? About as Long as you’ll get in the League of Ireland.


Heard betting on Waterford FC and Limerick suspended due to allegations of match fixing


Liam Buckley to Sligo Rovers


I seen this guy in dollymont years ago, dee snyder lead singer of twisted sister ,he has as much right to be on the bohs jersey


That’s actually Glenn Crowe before his hair loss.


Little Miss Muffet she sat on her tuffet,
eating her curds and whey
Along came Dee Snyder who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away


Black Sabbath were headline act fronted by ian gillan , motorhead , twisted sister and mamma’s boys there as well.It was the day of the semi final replay against cork in 83 , what the ■■■■ was i thinking going to that shite and missing one of the great days in dublin GAA ???


Wow … that’s right up there with the worst decisions ever made! That should get a thread all of its own!


Walking his dog?


Think this calls for a banning Mods


Ah ,i was young and stupid at the time


Walking his dog ?? Look at the picture he’s wearing the fucking dog on his head !!!