League of Ireland


Smokin Bones too?!? sobs


I was just looking at the floodlights from the Dart recently. They are as iconic IMO as the Poolbeg Chimneys. I hope they keep them.


Bohs play Sutton utd ( English non league ) in the Scottish challenge cup today ! To think we thought Galway in the Leinster hurling championship was odd.




Interesting. Don’t know if similar could work here or not. Maybe LOI,NI and Wales. Doubt the Scots would go for it


Doubt the Welsh would. Cardiff and Swansea are very close to top level clubs. Anyway, Brexit would scupper all that.

If it was to work, It would mean a Britain and Ireland league structure, with the likes of Celtic getting into the premiership. Bohs would be in the lower leagues obviously, but what a carrot to dangle in front of the LOI clubs. And you know Delaney would be all for it.


Would be the League of Wales clubs that would be involved.


What about the mighty Luxembourg League?


They ve been talking about this for years , the Benelux league. Uefa won t sanction it though, might open too many gates , Celtic and rangers into epl for eg.


Four goals for Dinny Corcoran in Bray for Bohs the other night. I was watching the penalty shoot-out from Nations Cup game Vs Sutton Utd, mad stuff. Was gas watching the crowd being let in behind the goal even as the shoot-out had already started! :laughing: Last penalty from Sutton looked like it might have been over the line.
Anyway Bohs should beat East Fife. If Queen’s Park get through there’s a possibility of two games in Hamden Park. On the other hand there’s a possibility Bohs won’t be allowed play after this due to insurance and pay beyond the end of the scheduled season…