League of Ireland


Fair enough but in a league that’s seen it’s fair share of headbangers on the line over the past 20!years or so ( roddy, Dolan , Fenlon , Kenny ) Caulfield be tame enough.


Cunny kenningham ( as tv3 called him once) in line for st pats job. Hope players will be able to stay awake during teamtalk if his tactical analysis is anything to go by.


Or they might be distracted by his eyebrows


Not sure this appointments of ex players with no managerial experience works . Pats tried this with Jeff Kenna and did nt go well at all. Kenny does seem like a decent lad but it’s a risk.


Steve Staunton bucked the trend.

  • Sorry that should be an F there - not a B


Kenny is a nice lad but doesn’t inspire. That’s KC, not SK. Nor MK… :shushing_face:


That is some teckers to produce a strike like that


Agreed.A anti irish, reactionary right wing rag , how the ■■■■ does any irish person buy it ??


I will answer my own question. Didnt the daily heil sponser the international rules matches ??? GAA will take money from ANYONE !!!


FAI even more so.


The new Dalymount looks good


Sure does …


Plenty of seats. Will they find enough arses to sit on them


Didn’t know Shams got a new mascot…


That will be brilliant when done. Great for Phibsboro too of course, going to be very sought after area. I think it will change alot for League of Ireland too, other clubs can follow suit and with top facilities 6000 is easily achievable for bigger games, 3000 for lesser ones, which should be enough considering Councils will hold some of the cost/debt of the grounds.


It’s a pretty poor concept video tbh. Big long corridor with stools = community hub …

Where will the ‘Plaza’ be?? Are they turning pitch around?


I think so, can’t remember details at this stage.


Yep going North South instead of East West


So they’re knocking the shopping centre?


As far as I know they are and rebuilding