League of Ireland


Gutted. Absolutely gutted. We had them. We’ll get them next week. Still incredibly proud of the lads. Brian Howard down cheering on the Bohs. Paddy Kirk is a good friend of his


Shame not to win on the day and a controversial decision. Still, Cork were trying to save their season, its never going to be easy. This could go to another replay or penalties yet, I don’t know the format.


Extratime and penos next week


Watched the whole game back, Cork did nothing really, just tried a bit harder than the league game, Bohs a bit more cautious, still dominated the second half and should have been two up. Penalty decision poor, those never given for that sort of challenge where it’s 50-50, Cork really got out of jail. That break might turn things around for them.


Dan Casey and Dano Kelly suspended for the replay. :disappointed_relieved:


Bohs down 2 zip unfortunately in the replay at HT.


2.1 now !


What a goal that was from Morris. 15 minutes to rescue the season!


It was that good Doyle had to allow it, Much better 2nd half. I think we can get extra time here


Some goal


Hate watching Cork, they play crap football & are managed by a despicable person.


Another year in div 1 for Shelbourne. Looked like they’d most of the hard work done vs Drogheda Friday night. Best them one nil up there in the first leg. Played for long spells tonight down to 9 men, crazy stuff. Beaten 6 4 on penos after a 2-1 defeat. Drogheda now play Finn Harps over 2 legs with the winner playing Limerick again over 2 legs unless I’m mistaken. Bit of a mad set up to get out of that league.


I’m glad they didn’t make it back up


Have Bohs as tenants next season…so at least some top league games. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anticlimactic finish for Bohs to a great run and really good season overall. Bitter taste of being robbed by that poor penalty decision last week, would hardly have been given the other way in Turners Cross. But Bohs just didn’t do enough tonight, the momentum of their run was lost last week, plus down two first choice lads, didn’t have the experience to go there and manage the game, also all of Corks threat over the two games aerial, hard to deal with, and yes they’re horrible to watch. No wonder they only brought 400 to Dalyer on a Sunday afternoon yet Bohs took 700 there on a Monday night, and them with most of the pedigree and experience. Think Dundalk will beat them again.

Bohs will have a job holding onto their young talent next season, no Europe. Just hope they can keep most of them and at least make Europe through the league next season. If they had been as flat in the final as they were tonight it could’ve been a comfortable Dundalk win so maybe better like this. But sad to miss out on a final after being so close and taken away by poor fifth official call.


ah here, were all god’s children


John Caulfield! Really . Despicable is nt what springs to mind . What he do to ya , rob your pocket money?


Haven’t much time for Caulfield either. Dundalk v Cork Final for the 4th year in a row - previous three all 0-0 draws after 90 mins. Hate the fact that the rag that is the DM sponsor it.


Bit of a left field choice if it happens


The only Dublin team to win a trophy this year.


No, his sideline behavior over the years is a disgrace. His comments are not much better. Didn’t like him as a player either