League of Ireland


Peno ruined it, sickener. And to compound it he gave nothing for the push in the back by the Legia defender. Terrible stuff for a team playing at home. Probably bribed by the Ruskis. Or the IOC…
On another note, I felt Ddalk should have put the house on black and played that game in Dalyer or wherever but not Aviva which suited Legia really.

Get a 0-0, maybe even a 1-0 and dig in over there, snatch an away goal. They made some good money out of last night but truth be told most of it is from tv & the competition coffers, so the gate receipts won’t last long, and the chance of a Champs Lg group stage and all that would bring would have been worth it. Make no mistake, Legia were beatable, especially given their poor run and crowded fixture list.


No other venue in Dublin suitable for that stage unfortunately. Need 10k seats to play last qualifying round of champions league. Maybe the RDS should have been looked at but that’s a shocking venue for football imo. When Dalyer is redeveloped it can be used but until then we’re left with no opportunity to host these big games in our own homes


What a GOAL !!!


Went down fighting. Ran out of legs last twenty mins.


Hard to luck to Dundalk. Gave it a real go. Hope they get a lucrative, yet competitive draw in the Europa League.


Died with their boots on. Gave it a real go.


Draw for Dundalk


Wow pretty awful. No crowd pullers and long distance travel 2/3. Disappointing for them.


Yep, that’s the way I see it although I’m delighted there won’t be a situation where 45 thousand Irishmen are screaming for multi millionaires from England over part time footballers from down the road. That Airtricity League v Man U friendly scenario can never be revisited for me anyway


Have to agree, very true.


So not women? :wink:


Dundalk have one Europa League point more than Shamrock Rovers got … after one game :grinning:


That’s not actually a horrible group. They might reasonably expect to do some damage. Good start anyway.


More coin for one goal than winning the league. Incredible


And still only a third of the CEO’s pay. And all is quiet …


Fair play to Dundalk - outstanding stuff. Stephen Kenny is a legend.


Full value for it too. Great performance, even better result.


Incredible stuff. Very envious of them right now but fair play. Fantastic achievement.


Such a pity that they cannot play their games in Dundalk. Such a pity they, along with most clubs in the league, cannot get regular, decent attendances to invest in the ground facilities - a chicken and egg scenario, I know.


Congrats to the Towwwwwwwn. Macabi will have to go gentiley into the night…