League of Ireland


He landed the holy grail for us in 2014.

He’ll always be remembered for that.


Keith Long from Bohs be a heavy favourite for that job now. he probably deserves a go at a job that will back him with transfers


He has a great job. Be some offer to make him pack that in and go full time. Bohs suit him cause we’re part time. Plus Pats’ sugar daddy is currently tangled up in a Liberian scandal. Obviously biased here but he would be mad to go to Pats over Bohs, imo.


Id be a ex season ticket holder / current armchair follower of Bohs also so would agree but all managers have to have ambitions and he knows midtable is the limit of Bohs ability and resources. Long gone are Roddy big spending days of UEFA cup runs to be replaced by kids.
We all know you will never win a league with them …


2013 & 2014 my best ever seasons supporting Pats. Shame we seemed to gradually decline ever since mind. There seemed to be a lot of falling out with players over the years which may have had some impact on his resignation.


No but we’re in a cup semi final this weekend that sold out 36 hours after going on sale. 9 games in a row we’ve won now in separate competitions. There is something there for next season. Our under 19s battered Pats off the park on saturday. If we keep our lads together and add in a couple from the under 19s we could give Europe a real crack next year.


IF the club can afford to hold onto their players and not be trying to rebuild key areas yr on yr. But in theory yes id agree with you


A few already contracted next season. Hanging on to Dano Kelly is crucial imo. All the players at Bohs love it there at the minute and the club have helped them find handy jobs that facilitates their playing too. Think most have coped on at this stage that there’s no career in LOI football. Rumours that Conan Byrne is to Bohs is a done deal but i’ve heard that before too


Ah jaysus BD … is nothing sacred any more …


:flushed: fixed


Can’t fix mine! :grin: It’s there forever!


How many players Bohs can hold onto will be the real test of Keith Long staying there. I think they’ll get one more season and if they continue to progress then alot of players will get very good offers home and abroad.


League pretty much wrapped up , congrats Dundalk.


Dundalk 3-0



Finished 3-2


Jayus , close call.


Hah, that’s gas. Turned it off to watch Derby beat united… Now I am disappointed!!! On both counts!


Anyone see the Cork peno ?
Few grumblings about it online .


Never a peno. Got the ball clearly


Meh, 50/50 call. TV replays were more definitive, so I don’t blame the referee. Looked worse than it was as the Cork f##### feigned injury. But that’s the way of modern soccer I guess.