League of Ireland


Incredible, in a week where they played Cork and then Derry away already.


Cork next Sunday in the cup semis. Full of confidence going into it


And Cork playing very poorly too.


Their whole season pretty much rides on at least making the cup final, after such high expectations. Terrible time and day to have the game on


Ideal time for them. We rarely get big games at the weekend. This is perfect imo. Tickets nearly sold out btw for anyone yet to get one


Saturday night the young lads were brilliant. Couldn’t believe how easily they dispatched of a decent side. 4 or 5 have them shown now they’re more than capable at this level. Andy Lyons at right full is a bit short but looks the heir to Derek Penders throne. Danny Grant, Paddy Kirk, Ali Reghba (who already has a belter of a song) and Promise Omochere all look ready for step up next season. Robbie McCourt really impressed too but he already has a bit of pedigree from his time at WBA


Friday night or Saturday so that fans can go out and enjoy the afters. How is Sunday evening perfect?


Friday evening is useless unless you organise your own bus. Trains don’t suit. Saturday be better with no work the following day but Sunday is the next best thing. Get an early train up and last train home. Be in bed by 12. I know all the lads i go with would prefer that to a friday night anyway


I thought Bohs were at home?


We are but if we had to go to Cork, Sunday at 5.30 would be far better than Friday at 7.45 and would lead to more away fans travelling.


Sold out now btw


But we weren’t/aren’t going to Cork. Draw was made two weeks ago


I know but i’m talking about the Cork fans travelling. Its far better to do it on a Sunday than a Friday


I don’t give a fiddlers fook about them. I’m talking about the Bohs fans. In anyway, for a cup semifinal sat would’ve been perfect for them, Friday night they would’ve sorted something out as Bohs fans would if they had to go to Cork. Late return Sunday night does not suit them either I would say.
Anyway it’s going to be a great occasion.


Obviously not making a difference considering its sold out already. Nobody be going into work if we win anyway :grinning:


Did nt you pull a sickie last week as well , hope the boss is nt reading this .


I am …


:eyes::eyes::eyes: say nothing


First home cup game for Bohs so far? Hope that’s not an omen!


Liam Buckley resigned from Pats.