League of Ireland


He’s a gobshite


If any manager had a grievance its Kenny .
Some truly bizarre decisions awarded to Cork.


“So while the tail-end of the Celtic Tiger resulted in more than 20 players earning in excess of €100,000, with one unnamed player taking home €180,000 in his basic salary, with bonuses pushing his income close to €200,000, both times, and payslips, have changed.”

Anybody remember who this was ?


Was it Joe Gamble?


Crowe ? Or too late for him


A friend of mine and former director at Bohs has started up a blog where he details the financial performance of the clubs in the LOI on all the latest available data. Well worth a read for anybody with any interest in the league.


Id say Joe Gamble he was rumoured to be on 5k a week at the height of it so that over a 40 week contract makes sense


There was players at Bohs on 3k a week so I’d believe anything tbh


Remarkable figures , i wont ask where the money was coming from…


In Bohs’ case it was money borrowed on the back of the ground sale that fell through. Most other clubs are dependant on investors


Cork made absolute bollix of that in fairness. Last 3 months a farce to say the least


Decent article from earlier in the week


Did you mention his name for a bet?


He fell out with the club in the end and was at odds with them.


He wanted wages, not wager.


You’re my favourite!


I’m going for a nap


Like wine, a fine pun has to be good on the nose


Bohs 3-1 up away to Pats! Lubbly


All over 3-1 with a 11 changes. 9 wins on the bounce :clap: