League of Ireland


What a half, Pender was unchallenged for the 4th!




Super Bow-es!


What a result !
I think mathematically they can’t be caught by Limerick , 5 games left for both teams ??
Top flight secured !


We owed them that. Thoroughly dislikable team and management. Made up with that one. Massive game on Wednesday.


Could effectively put the league to bed if Dundalk beat Cork next week .
Now that will be must watch TV as I’d say it will get tasty if Dundalk have a lead .They truly hate each other .


In case anyone didn’t catch Delaneys og :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Hard to believe he was a premier league footballer 18 months ago. Taken to the cleaners tonight


Very unlucky with that own-goal, freakish the way it got past the keeper at that angle and went in.

Great run this for Bohs, perfect timing for the cup too. Having got the result in Derry the last day, if they can get past them again they would have a great chance in the semi-final at home.


Great win for Bohs tonight to put us into the semis. At home in Dayler to Cork


Great win, great run they’re on, two wins up in Derry in three weeks, unthinkable. Great chance to reach the final but will Cork not insist this game is played out of Dalymount Park?? And with a non-Dublin based ref.


Newbridge maybe?


“Newbridge is Nowhere” campaign?


What a performance that was in horrific conditions. Dinny Corcoran was superb. Not just the goals he got but he was stopping them going short and forcing them to kick long into a storm for the entire second half. His hold up play was incredible too. Everything stuck to him and they couldn’t deal with him at all. When he’s at it like that he’s a nightmare for defenders. Well worth the sickie that was. Some support for a Wednesday night in that weather.


Is he playing with Pats at all?

He must be a massive loss to them if he’s not.


He packed it in 2 or 3 years ago afaik.


You re confusing matters with the pats reference. Thought you were talking about the inchicore pats of soccer fame( this being the soccer thread). Never knew Corcoran was a good gaa player . Interesting.


Dundalk 1 up on Cork . Good shout for a peno for Cummins for Cork .


I know its not nice wishing injury on someone but i wouldn’t mind if Sadlier tweeked a hamstring or something here tonight ahead of next week


John Caulfield sent off again! Must be 3rd or 4th this year.