League of Ireland


He had a fantastic career in Irish football to be fair


Apparently there is a team in FAI Cup called Home Farm.


Yep, Carlton Palmer played for them


Based in Emmerdale


Frank Tate was a big backer of them in the early 90s until his untimely demise


Apparently. Hmmmm, indeed.


Is it not Home Pharm - sponsored by a large US multinational?




Who are the dinosaurs again ?


Denis O’Brien pays tribute to the FAI’s John Delaney
Denis O’Brien was named the FAI’s honourary life president at the Association’s AGM in Cork.

They’re welcome to each other. Can’t rem why I couldn’t give a toss about the international team :joy:


Brilliant night on Friday to continue beating the piggies, Could not believe after we yet again beat them they played “build me up buttercup” it is a rovers fans favourite & they played it for the 1000 Bohs fans to ironically sign it back at Vol 10. A truly great moment for Bohs fans.

Stephen Bradley is a Bohs legend, we love his cup finals


When you can’t run a professional league properly.




“You need political representation from Leinster House. You need someone from there to take a big picture view, to have a vision, to pump money into the game in the hope that standards will improve.”

So throw taxpayers money at it in the hope it gets better? How about making a case for funding with business plans etc etc?


The fai , the LOI and the clubs are poorly run for sure but the idea of govt or local govt funding stadiums is not outrageous. It’s common enough on the continent and as we know succesful teams are a boom for local economies . Cork for e.g has 4 grounds used by 3 different sporting bodies. A 20,000 municipal ground would have done for cork gaa , cork city fc and for Munster rugby for the few games they play in cork. Limerick is the same . Funding that goes towards these stadiums would be better used for grassroots facilities and underage coaching. Stadiums can become a drain around associations finances . A way for govt to recognize the contributions made by all sport organizations who do good work at underage level.


These two are a pair of plonkers but council involvement in any club that will provide alot of use to the community is absolutely warranted IMO. How it’s managed is the issue


I really dislike Stephen Kenny. A moanier fcuker you couldnt find.


You clearly have not met my missus so.


Ever see footage of his Meltdown v Drogheda in a Cup semi final? 2013 I’d say… will have a search for it now

edit: No footage of Kenny in tears threating to take his team off the field tho :frowning: http://www.the42.ie/dundalk-drogheda-two-red-cards-1116612-Oct2013/