League of Ireland


Hopefully the Shams do Bohs a favour tonight .


Looking good with a Shams win & Pats losing .
Only blot was Limerick winning too but 4 points clear of them with a game in hand .


Hard luck to Stephen Kenny getting whacked 4-0 by European giants Larnaca. Look forward to the programme notes in the next home game …


Miaow. Brother had some dealings with him years ago when Kenny was bohs manager. Arrogant man by all accounts.


Sat beside him at a lunch last year and he seemed ok but comments last week were ignorant and lacking any self awareness in the sense of the state of the LoI.


Just because you have a sandwich outside a stadium or conference centre doesn’t mean you’ve sat beside all these famous people at lunchtime.



The dinosaurs will be delighted as well!!

Pity the papers can’t publish what this upstanding gentleman got up to in Scotland about 10 years ago.


I going to Pars on that one… Ah feck it, was it the signings and finances? He’s had huge success in most places


A good win for Bohs on the cards here .
Puts more distance between them & Limerick.


Good win for Pats too tonight


Absolute joke that Kerr isn’t involved at any significant level in Irish football


Too honest for that fricin bluffer CEO


Bohs one up against the Shams with only a few minutes left


Bradley will surely be gone if they lose to Bohs yet again, after what’s turning into an underachieving season for them. They tried to hype up some sort of ‘Drive for 25’ cup fever and got knocked out in the first round in Drogheda. BKerr savaged them on the telly. The commentator referred to them as “the cup specialists”, which they last won in 1987.


3 out of 3 this season . Whatever happens that might perk up the faithful .


Always good to beat the scum :clap:


10 out of 12 possible? Thanks hoopheads for keeping us up! :blush:


Correct ! I must have misheard the commentator . That’s a great haul , those results are literally keeping Sligo at bay .


10 out of twelve, done and dusted. Remarkable stuff


Sure why fucking not