League of Ireland


They better not pull the plug on the Irish participation in the iron bru. We’re all looking forward to a jolly to Stranraer or somewhere like that


No tv coverage again of cork city v Legia. Terrible. An opportunity to showcase Irish football in the champions league and neither rte , tv3 or eir shown it. If Liverpool were playing the champions of Andorra it would be on.



And apparently these are the accounts that the FAI accepted and didn’t flag anything dodgy going on


That last figure at the bottom , is that the debt of the club ?


Think it’s total loss for the year


But all of the figures are identical for both years - that can’t be correct?
The profit and loss account figure of (1,104,011) indicates accumulated losses of that amount to 2016. But the same figure appears in the 2015 accounts.
Does that mean that there was no activity at all during 2016? I doubt it!


There no way them figures could be correct if exact same. Auditors looking at this would definitely flagged the issues.


Has to be fake


Limerick players have voted for strike action


They think that means bare knuckle boxing…


If you have the same players in both seasons, same coaching set up, if you pay all staff the same, if the same number of spectators come to the same number of games each season, if every match result replicates itself, if there is no inflation/deflation - then maybe, just maybe, you could have the same, identical accounts for each year?

I now that’s a long shot…


Martin Russell has resigned as Bray manager


6-0 win for Bohs tonight albeit against Bray still 3pts is 3pts


Most definitely , 7 points ahead of Limerick.


Was it the FAI who paid the bray players wages to stop a strike?


Rumours of that yeah. If there’s any proof of that I expect the rest of the club’s to challenge it


Maybe not, I’d say limerick may need a dig out soon.

I can see why from the relegation perspective.


Were they not on strike last night against Bohs


Two weeks til the first main round of the FAI Cup and they still haven’t confirmed the days, times, or venues of the games. Jokeshop. FAI website gets updated once in a full moon. RTE website info on LofI nearly as bad.