League of Ireland


Meanwhile, true Irish soccer fans continue with their subscriptions to Sky Sports.


Didn’t Delaney get some job on a Fifa committee? How can he keep CEO role with FAI if involved in that? Always keeps the head down when there is crisis with clubs.


Remember Brian Kerr ripping into him years ago?


So Bray never paid the players. Strike action initiated.


Fran the man too busy to meet with anyone. No communication from him to the players before speaking to Joanne Cantwell. Genuinely think Fran Gavin hates football


Is he the photographer? Has he any qualifications for the job?


Bonner was shafted instead of Delaney taking a pay cut at the time. He got rid of Kerr at first opportunity and replaced with Steve Staunton.,


Yep got rid of Kerr and promised a ‘World Class’ replacement…


The question is why did Staunton emerge from nowhere to suddenly become the manager. ? A credible rumour was doing the rounds back then. One tabloid questioned Delaney but he did a good job burying the story.


I’m The Gaffer and the buck stops with me …


Don’t remember the rumour…
PM me the highlights please & thank you


Bray kicked out of the Irn Bru Cup (Competition for teams outside of the SPL with invited teams from ROI and NI/Wales) and are apparently being replaced by… Limerick…


F*ck that, put it up here. Sure it was only a rumour and you’re not saying it’s true!


I assume Bray didn’t make the 5pm deadline. So players in strike and threats if Limerick too.


Bray are striking against Cork next week. Limerick players voting on whether or not to strike tomorrow but the club have said they’ll be paid tomorrow


Limerick also hit with a ban on any new signings between now and the end of the season


What has happened to the League of Ireland?? Nothing actually … business as usual …

Licensing was brought in to prevent exactly this kind of thing … clearly not working …


Would love to hear that rumour as well, someone fill me in please. cheers


So they replace Bray with another that it was confirmed earlier didn’t pay there players…there has to be a movie contract in this somewhere, farcical .


Limerick :rofl: Scotland never seems to do its homework when getting involved with the FAI. 1st Bray then Limerick can the Scots not read?

I was in Glasgow the week after the UEFA delegation came to check out our facilities for the joint bid with Scotland. I can still see the Glasgow guys face when I said “That bid will never happen as you got into bed with a bunch of fuckwits”

I explained the delegation were brought to Croke Park which at that time would not entertain any foreign sports especially not soccer, he was astonished when I said the 2nd venue was an empty field near Blanch (Abbotstown) and the delegation were told it will be a 50k all seater. His face was priceless, looked like I ripped his heart out :joy: