League of Ireland


True on all fronts.


Legia the lowest ranked team the could have got, know a few Dundalk fans who are delighted with the draw and reckon they’ve a good chance


Fully agree with you BohsDub,.

One of the things I remember from Shelbourne’s Champions League qualifying run, was when attending their game against Deportivo La Coruña, the amazing site of real Irish football bans turning up on the night to cheer on an Irish team. The majority of fans there that night weren’t Shels supporters but fans of other clubs such as Bohs, Pats, Rovers, Bray etc a lot of them wearing their club colors just backing an Irish team. It would be great if something similar happened for the Dundalk v Legia game.


BlueWheels - I hear there was a lot of that the other night too - Dundalk were very appreciative of it.

I remember back in 1980ish Limerick drew Real Madrid and opted for Landsdowne but only 6,000 turned up.

I think it may depend on the club a lot though. I’d say if S***rock Rovers were playing Rangers a certain poster here would turn up with his red and blue scarf … and verse vica …


:joy::joy::joy: true. If they were playing Mayo I might even cheer for Mayo


Don’t even say that in jest !!!


Anyone heading along tonight?


I bought my tickets off a corporate crowd but their voicemail says they are detained elsewhere …


A loads of us heading in, €15 for a Champs Lg game in the Aviva, sure where would you get it? Not in Brazil !


Hope they can give themselves a chance of something to play for next week. A clean sheet at home would be a good starting point.


What kinda crowd are they expecting ? Would be nice if non Dundalk fans went along , to give it some atmosphere .


I had heard yesterday that they were expecting a crowd of 40k…


Weather not likely to help roll up crowd.


Wow that would be great !


30,000 tickets sold in advance


Very soft peno


Harsh to lose like that .


Dundalk played well. Don’t think they went for it as much as they normally do when they get into the final third which was a bit disappointing, cause I think they were a bit shaky at times at the back. No chance can they turn this around now but they’ll have a fantastic adventure in the Europa League


The rub of the green certainly went Legia’s way.

Re the Peno, the lad was very unlucky to conceed a penalty. No way was that intentional and to rub salt into the wound, theres no way that shot was going in.

The 2nd goal was just ridiculous. The ball should’ve been lumped up to the box and that was it.

I’m assuming Dundalk will play their Europa league games in Tallaght?


I can see why the penalty was given but it was extremely harsh. They may have had a chance at 0-1 in the 2nd leg but they should just try to learn as much from playing in Poland ahead of their Europa League campaign. And, as Counsel has pointed out, sometimes you just need to ditch the passing game and lump the ball up to your number 9. If nothing else, the 2nd goal wouldn’t have been conceded.