League of Ireland


But he also “created the atmosphere for Dundalk to succeed” don’t forget :weary:


Bohs down 2 zip to Sligo at HT.


Losing 3.0 now & down to 10 men .


Horrific result, starting to really fear


Its not looking good , thats for sure .


Pathetic performance. Embarrassing


I know you were fairly confident things would be OK at the start of the season but there’s a distinct possibility of a relegation playoff spot here .


Absolutely and I’m KLs biggest fan but if Limerick finish above us he should be sacked. To be only 4 points above them is a joke at this stage. Few massive games coming up


How many games are left in the season ?
The goal difference is in Bohs favour though .


11 games left. Bray up next. If we don’t win there we deserve to go down


Well that’s not too bad , plenty of time to ressurect this .


Plenty of time for Limerick to catch us too :slightly_frowning_face:


This is absolutely mind boggling. Listen to his attitude. He really doesn’t have a clue and he doesn’t want to know either. He says the club’s are solely responsible for signing the contracts which is a blatant lie. The FAI has to sign off on all contracts. I’m so angry after listening to that. Fair play to Joanne for exposing him.


That was a tough listen.


pakie bonner, brian kerr.


People that were good at their job basically


she is brillant that this stuff - i remember her grilling all the candidates for the OCI president’s job, whereas OTB gave a few of them very cosy interviews, including the one who won.

I’m surprised that people are only copping onto Gavin now, the man has been a blight on the LOI for a long time and his only function to to screen Dear Leader from the shitstorm that he has overseen.

What is happening at Bray is an absolute disgrace - but as Alan Cawley and others on Game on have said - the people responsible for this will walk away with no sanctions while the players worry about paying their mortgages, school bills and so on. The current owners, directors and officers of Bray - or any team who treats their players like this - should be banned from football.

Also - I’d like to know who is on the “independent” licensing commission, how they are appointed, by whom, and how come they aren’t being sacked for gross incompetence.


People involved in the league have had Fran the man twigged from day one. The FAI appoint the licensing committee so its their responsibility. He attempts to weasel out of any responsibility once there is bad press but once Dundalk qualify for the group stages of the Europa League he wants his belly tickled


I meant people high up. They were football men, easily disposed of by a board of accountants


Limerick players not paid again apparently. Balloting for strike action tomorrow supposedly