League of Ireland



Didn’t know Piers Morgan played guitar


How very dare you! The boss is a classy genius gentleman… Morgan is polar opposite.


BS is apt …


Head over to the Limerick games, always a great trip and you can bond with your fan-buddies again. Galway’s a great away trip of course, and Cork too, Bohs have done very well against them even since Cork have been so good.


Limerick away on Saturday if you’re not heading to Castlebar


Saturday I am at the scor county final, eldest son set dancers defending their title.

But I guess we will have another limerick trip this season, and two to Galway…


Think the second Limerick away game is to be played midweek.


Good win that for Dundalk , techy affair considering .


Rovers down to 10 men after 10 mins :confused:, 2 yellows in the space of a minute for Gilchrist .


Jaysis that was tough going. A worse half of football you will never see than what was offered up in the second half tonight but that was a massive 3 points. Badly needed and a last minute winner is always great.

Oh and another thing. ■■■■ Rovers


Badly needed win for Bohs. Hopefully turns things round for them now. It’s a familiar pattern for them from the last few years I think, which has been good enough all things considered.


Yeah we’ve been notoriously slow starters. The disadvantage of trying to go hard at pre-season when you’re players all have jobs and everyone you’re up against doesn’t. Need to sort out the midfield sharpish though


Well documented about the financial situation and plans but I think they shouldn’t fall into the trap of “ah well” either, always got to think ambitiously.


Reckless ambition chasing nearly brought us to extinction. We were at the 11th hour at one stage. The membership is unanimous in that will never happen again. We still have one or two small loans to clear and we made a profit in 2017 for the first time since 2001 I think. Club is going in the right direction and once we’re fully debt free and in a redeveloped dalyer we’ll be back to challenging for leagues. It’s a long game I know but the plan is there. Bohs will never spend what they don’t have ever again.

Bohs are one of the only clubs that doesn’t have a sugar daddy. Cork are similar but they threw in the towel and had their debts cleared but we chose to pay up and keep our illustrious history.

The members put in what we can but we’ve no massive cash injections. I’m glad of it that way. It’s not sustainable. There’s so many clubs that are one person pulling the plug on their donations away from going bust.


Ás I said, well documented. And going really well. But still need to avoid the ah well trap. Well, I think so anyway. Isn’t it well for me?


Don’t worry we’ll never fall into that. We know what we are and that we should be winning leagues and cups. Last 8 years have been really tough but I honestly believe in 5 years we’ll be serious title contenders again.


It can all get a bit cosy with the ah well card. If Bohs got relegated I think 99% of the club members would, after a short period of historical wailing, heave a collective sigh of ah well. Keith Long is clearly a good manager, maybe a very good one. I wonder what keeps him ambitious for greater things in this situation? I suppose with plenty of young players it’s better for staying on one’s toes.


No chance. We don’t call ourselves The Big Club for nothing. Relegation doesn’t even enter my mind anyway. The old saying too big to go down and all that. Keith has a great job and it suits him that Bohs aren’t a set up where he would have to give up his job. He is 100 percent right to have that attitude. He’s doing a fantastic job but he won’t be getting a huge job in the UK so what’s the point in leaving his job to potentially be out of work once a few results go against him. He also really buys into what Bohs are doing. He is on record of saying he wants to get us back to where we belong and when he says it you have to believe him. Has always come across as very genuine anytime I’ve talked to him


Really? With an average gate of what? 2,000 they can’t be paying that much?