Largest and smallest adult pitches


So… are the 65m lines in O’Toole Park not actually at 65m? Or in Parnell? From memory, O’TP 65m lines always seemed to me to be 2-3m apart. Therefore, an overall length of 132-133m. PP 65m lines seemed about 8-10m apart, suggesting a pitch length of 138-140m long.
O’Toole Park does look quite wide, but is that not because it’s more open?
St Vincent’s main pitch must be one of the biggest also? Nh Mearnog’s?


I am indeed. Only played one challenge game this year as I got injured in it. Waiting on the comeback.

Still a young lad at heart!


Alfie Byrne, Thomas Davis and the all weather in Abbotstown are all huge. Grass pitches id have Clonshaugh, Fingallians and Towers Monastery road pitch.

On the small side id have the bogies, Finnians S pitch in Rivervalley and for some reason Peregrines main pitch


Sure you are only a young fella! Colly Clinton is still playing for us! :joy: