La Liga


Jose being linked with a return


Agree, they seem to have a knack of winning it without playing well. But Zidane more or less said before he left that he felt the league was a clearer indication of where the team were and he felt the future wasnt bright.


Yeh their record in the league is complete domination by Barca. BUt huge money and prestige winning those Champs League titles, such a shame Barca didn’t win a couple or three more in this golden era for them.


ZeeZee back to Real.


Heard that .WTF is that all about ???


Having a good manager (Real copping on) for Real…
Money for ZZ.


Top level football is utterly mental.
That said, I just watched a re-run of RM Vs Barca in the Copa, some game, incredible pace and ferocity. Madrid had several good chances but look toothless in striking. Then Barca killed them, Suarez was outstanding.


What in the living ■■■■ is Zizou like


Is that genuine?
( I almost said is that real :slight_smile: )




Zizou can wear whatever the fook he likes!!


Exactly. Anyway his ma dressed him


Zed’s threads.


If you get the chance, check out Messi’s goals tonight, the 1st a brill free, the 2nd a nice finish and the 3rd a subtle touch that is pure class, doubt if there has been a better hat trick ever scored…


Best hat trick since his last one a few weeks ago. Suarez pass for no2 class.


Truly the greatest genius I’ve seen play the game. And almost as good as CR7…
That third goal was as beautiful a piece of skill as you will see. Apart from some of Diarmo’s of course.


The hattrick was unreal, and to finish it with that third goal was just the icing on the cake, perfection.

People still comparing Ronaldo to him need to cop on. Ronaldo is good, but nowhere near Messi


Its like he got dressed in the dark


Remarkable game in La Liga tonight. Barcelona go from 0-2 up away to Villareal to 4-2 down before scoring two injury-time goals to salvage a draw. Messi scored a stunning free kick to get it back to 4-3 before Suarez scored a cracking half-volley with basically the last kick of the game.


They needed it too. Lead down to 8 and Atletico on a roll, never over til it’s over.