La Liga


Yes , some dubious deals in the past were debt has been written off , also these clubs are ‘socios’ and not PLC’s so get away with paying little tax.


I am not into it so much as to understand the finances, but neither seem to have problems getting cash.


Good article here showing just much of a mess both clubs are in!!


Who wrote the article? Can it be viewed elsewhere, apart from the website?


Sam Wallace in the Telegraph wrote it, was also in the Indo so I’ve changed the link to them


Think there is a bit of an obsession in England to see the premier league as tops and it may well be soon, but the reality at the moment is that Spanish Club football are dominating European competition, Spanish clubs have won 7 of the last 10 champions leagues ( incuding the last 5) and six of the last 10 Europa leagues.


Any other team apart from the big two winning it is a breakthrough.


But that would be nothing new, every few years another team wins, Athletico won it a few years ago. A real break through would be for a 3rd club to win it frequently, but if you look at the stats it is surprising how little difference there is between the major leagues when it comes to winners Leicster was probably the biggest surprise ever but outside of that its always the same one or two that dominate. Although it coud change in England over the next few years, with Liverpool and city taking over from UTD and Chelsea


City have already taken over. The other crowd?? Not a hope. Selling club who will never have the depth of the real big clubs.


Barca lose 4.3 at home to Real Betis


Barça’s defence was terrible, 3-4 probably flatters them, Betis by far the better side on the day.