La Liga


Things changed rapidly after Barca got the third goal . Real were putting huge pressure on & looked likely to level it . Ronaldos absence really apparent now . Grand thing is they’ll blame the manager . Its been a disaster for him.


Suarez was unreal and lucky to stay on the pitch too. Standard I suppose


Madrid seriously lacked attitude in the first half, then had a 15 minute spell in the second where they could have drawn level, but the introduction of Dembele was always going to be a problem for them as they were bound to get caught out looking for goals. They have a serious problem when it comes to scoring, can’t even get the ball on target.


Got the bullet today .


Yep. A shambles.


Madrid really laid the boot into Lopetegui in their official statement. They said that the quality of the panel at his disposal and the results achieved were disproportionate , he had a panel with 8 nominees for the Balon d’or which was historic for the club. in a nutshell it was all his fault.
On the other hand you have Ramos saying that they don’t need a manager to teach them them tactics as they have already won everything, but they need someone who can man manage the dressing room.


Seems to be showing CR7 in a better light, minute by minute.


Conte is nt the answer imo. Like Mourinho for utd he s the wrong fit for real . Wenger be the logical short term solution.


Youd wonder now did Zidane know Ronaldo was out the gap at the end of the season .


Yeah I think he did.


Doubt it, Zidane more or less said they were fortunate to win the champions league, but that their league form told him they were finished as a team and would win no more unless changes were made.


Not a hope Wenger will be going anywhere, he’s laid up in a nursing home.

Spurs manager will get it. He’s the obvious replacement as he speaks Spanish, has managed in La Liga and knows Spurs are going no where now as won’t spend.


Showing Zizou in an even greater light, if that was possible



Brighton did something similar on Saturday… around 6.24 in the choob video…


All credit to Madrid , being one of the biggest clubs in the world , i can understand if you are a player on why you would go there - but as a manager it is the ultimate poison chalice - i’d say the lad who got sacked wished he never went near the place - essentially getting sacked twice in 4 months.


Wait til they take Poch … :open_mouth:

Lopetegui has only himself to blame.


True but any breakthrough is something at least, after such a long monopoly.


Dont really get what you mean as a breakthrough, As I said every now and again an outsider wins it and that is likely to continue .


Are nt both Barcelona and real ( not for the first time) facing a difficult few years financially. Barcelona still have to pay Liverpool the coutinho transfer fee. Plus both have stadium development to do. Might level out things for a few seasons.