La Liga


Lopetegui could be in serious trouble, 3 losses in the last four games, 1 goal in the last 5 games. Would be mad if after all the Hassle with the Spanish National team, they sack Lopetegui after 8 or 9 games.


Mourinho to return to Madrid after utd boot him out.:grinning:


Real lost 1-0 to Alaves


Madrid finally scored today after breaking their all time non scoring record, but was not enough to save them from an embarrasing 1-2 home defeat to Levante. If the game had been last year Madrid would have won 2 - 1, but the Var correctly over ruled the ref twice and changed a free to a peno and disallowed a goal the ref had given as good.


Wenger for the hot seat at the Bernabeu.


Talking about Conte here


People still don’t believe we’re witnessing a shift downwards in the power of the two great clubs? No sign of any other club stepping up yet though so Barca will probably still win the league as long as enough of Messi and Co fit and able.


Joe Kinnear


Yeah he s being mentioned. Think wenger s philosophy be more in tune with the Madrid way than conte.


It is nothing new for the big 2 to have an off season, Real Madrid have only won 2 leagues in the last 10 years. The problem is the rest will never be consistent enough to challenge year in year out


3 Champs League though …


Yep . Possibly focussing more on the CL


Messi gone off with what looks like a broken arm


That’s a big shame he’s been superb lately.


Barcelona have totally dominated with Real second best, and Atletico pushing close a couple of times. Real’s winning of three Champions Leagues was a phenomenal thing, an anomaly really that didn’t fit with the fact that they were clearly not as good as Barca but Barca have blown it at least two or three times when they should have won the Champions League. Did Madrid even have to beat Barca once on the way to those trophies? I think Atletico knocked them out twice, they played the same way in knockout competition that Mourinho’s best teams did, which was to just about stifle the life out of them up front, and in midfield. With alot of bodies back in defense.
If Madrid had met Barca in the Champs League I’m sure the results would have been different at least twice.

I think Barca are due a bit of a decline from their incredible run, their best era ever, once Iniesta, Messi, Pique, and one or two others are/were finished. If Messi is going to be out injured I think it’s a great opportunity for a pretender club/team to step up and win La Liga but there’s no sign yet of any standout club. Sevilla were one possibility but they were well-beaten by Barca.


But if a club were to step up it would be nothing new, every now and again a club does, but they never stay around. Messi out for 3 weeks.


Barca 3.1 up on Real .
Real looked odds on to level it to 2.2 but Suarez just scored a lovely header .


4.1 , hatrick for Suarez .


5.1 , Vidal .


That’s the manager out the door anyway. Amazing chain of events since the eve of the World Cup.