La Liga


And Liverpool


And Dudelange … really …


Funny that, have all of them dropped points in two of their last three games to much weaker opposition? Liverpool winning the league would be the huge change in that bunch of examples! :grinning:


PSV looking unstoppable at the moment.


Very unusual to be playing at this time on a Friday. What’s the score?


Funny how people get an idea into their head, most people just see the Spanish league as a two horse race and see the premier as being really competitive, but yet if you look at the stats over the last 15 years or so, there is very little difference in the amount of winners etc.


4 different EPL winners in last 6 years. Barca-Real have won 13 of the last 14 Ligas. Good point. :wink:


When you get a minute show me where I compared it to the PL.


Actually that sounded narkier than I intended :slight_smile:


Yeah. Calm down.


There’s always one.
and it’s usually you :wink:


Both leagues had 3 different winners in last 5 yrs and 5 different winners in the last 20 which seems to back up what bigp said


Madrid and Barça have won 14 leagues this century, Man U and Chelsea have won 12, not a huge difference.


No, was just making the point that impressions can be false, I was surprised myself when I looked up the stats on both leagues. Was just commenting on you saying the Liga is usually so uncompetitive agree you never mentioned EPL


Valverde playing with fire today, both messi and busquets on the subs againt bilbao


As the saying goes, play with fire and you end up getting burnt. 1-1 at home a poor result. In fairness they played well enough and should have won.


Do you follow Barca or any Catalan team bigp? Do you get to go to any games?


Not mad into it, but would like to see Barça win. Dont go much once a year at most.


Have been twice to camp nou. Saw Barca hammer deportivo 5-0 about 10 years ago. Was back in the city with work last year and did the museum stadium tour . Fairly impressive.


The Real reason Madrid sold Ronaldo