Kieran Duff - Laochra Gael TG4


Just watched it fully there. That was fantastic viewing. Very well made programme. Met him at the Dubstars last year, some player and man. fair fucks to him.


I hope he is well, I knew him from many years ago. Mad as a brush but a genuinely decent bloke, most of the time, who did a lot for football in Dublin. I didn’t see (yet) last night’s show. I hope he is ok.


Yep, he’s managing the place I believe. Met him out there last year, couldn’t believe it was him when we met.


Listening to Whelan in the years with Dully. Scored 22G and 227pts


Brilliant documentary and hopefully Dully will now get the respect that he rightly deserves, by those outside of Dublin…

He was really an outstanding player and it says a lot about his commitment to Dublin that he gave so much service after the ban. Given the suspension he received and the treatment dished out to him on his return, no-one could have blamed him if he’d jacked it in.


If you get a chance have a listen.


Is that a new one ?
Ah , just checked, it’s from last year .


Jesus, that was a horror tackle by the Offaly guy on him. The worst I have ever seen.


Listen to the Podcast, but the way he finished up with the team and how they treated him kind of leaves a sour taste in the mouth.


'83 Leinster Final? Crazy to think that Duff got a longer ban. Mick Fitzgerald, wasn’t it?


He got suspended 3 months. However, as far as I remember, Offaly were out of Leinster, meaning he didn’t miss a game and was available for Offaly when the League started again in late October.

When Dully got a year for much much less, you can understand why we felt (and still do) Dully was made a scapegoat and his year long ban totally unjust.


Is this available on the TG4 player?




Yep - this is it Beeko


His ban was eventually reduced. He was back in time for the '84 Championship. The Annual Congrees used to be held at Easter and there was always a few suspensions terminated as an amnesty. I think Duff was a case as such.
For what it’s worth, as much and all as I loved him as a Dublin player, I think he deserved to be sent off. But he didn’t deserve the length of ban subsequently and he NEVER deserved the vitriol directed at him afterwards, either - and some of that came in club games within Dublin.


FFS… it’s as bad, if not worse, as I remember it. Dully got off lucky. And it’s not like he was throwing punches in tackling (from memory, Dully was tackling Fitzgerald’s brother, Pat).


The suspension now for what Dully did ( kicking with minimal force) is one match suspension and for Mick Fitzgerald ( behaving in a manner dangerous to an opponent) two matches.
Dully’s big mistake was that it happened in an All Ireland Final (won by Dublin!) and in front of the massed ranks of the media who led the charge for the 3 Dublin players to be made examples of.


What did the guy off Offaly get ?


Probably a pat on the back.


That match was the end of that Offaly team. They never recovered . The effort to get close enough to Kerry in 82 took more out of them than they realized.Only for Barney s collarbone breaking in 86 we may have won a few more Leinsters and Meath may never have come to the fore. An era when Dublin were always top 3 at least but just could not win Sam .