Kieran Duff - Laochra Gael TG4


Its a good read, don’t mention the pop up banner at the end that says 'thanks million for the clickthrough - Dinny! PS If only Beeko would click it I might be able to get that 45million euro yacht a couple of weeks early…


Excellent stuff again from laochra gael.


Very good documentary,TG4 don’t get enough credit


Ahh bollix completely slipped my mind :weary:

Think it’s repeated on Friday night thankfully


Loved it. Was very emotional and eye opening. Ppl got to see the other side of Dully…


It’s on the tg4 player , just streaming it now .


Had the pleasure of working with Dully for a few months when serving my apprenticeship. As sound and genuine a man you could ever meet. Fantastic footballer and passionate Gaa man.


That 78 minor team all look like bangers . Half of them look like at least 26!. The taches on them.


A great great man in every sense of the word


Great stuff, too young to remember seeing him play . Only took up the gaa at 13 ?


A legend on and off the field. Great memories of his fantastic goals against Kerry in '87 league final and Meath in '89 Leinster final.


Apart from the 83 thing I never actually thought he was considered ‘dirty’ by the rest of the country. I never saw it myself anyway. Bobby Doyle, just a little earlier, would have been far more fiery I would have thought. But I was always a big fan of Duff on the field. I think there should be a law saying Dublin should always play with at least one north county man😀.

Good comment above how we all judge players from other countries without knowing a thing about them.


Once again TG4 has done a tremendous job. Great documentary.
Hardy man. Dully.


Agree with all of the comments above about the quality of the programme last night, TG4 take a bow!
And Dully is a legend, plus a gent to boot. He trained our lads to a junior championship win in 1992, and then came back for a second time, when I had the pleasure of training under him.


2 of the best goals in Croker ( we’ll say nothing about the steps for the Meath goal ). The 87 league final was a terrific game as well.


Jaysus hadn’t seen Talty in years, had to do a double take, is all well with him?


Was it ever?


Was thinking the same hope Talty is well.

Duff was a great player, naturally for and great skill to boot. From what I recall a proud fingal man aswell.

Nice touch from tg4 to focus on Kierans best work. … as a dad. Topman and well worth looking at if you missed it.


No seriously, I don’t want to comment out of place, but was shocked when I seen him. I hope it’s noting sinister.


Is Talty doing a bit of work out in Abbottstown now?