Kieran Donaghy Retires


What Peno was this ?


Peno my hole.


He could have got it, risky out of Rory,


It was similar to what happened between Philly and Cavanagh this year but Rory handled it better.


I’ll readily admit to my hang up about Kerry. It’s a response to a life of hearing how ‘football, sure it’s in our DNA’ or ‘kerry are born footballers’ or ‘kerry are Kerry’ and of course, the non existant rivalry we had for 30 years.

It makes this decade even more special, if that were possible. But I’ll tell you this, big as my hang up or that of other Dubs is when it comes to Kerry, it bears no comparison to some Kerry folk and their hang up about this Dublin team. They are slowly realising that the Kerry football mythology is just that, innate nonsense and that 5 in a row is on the horizon.


Be proud of that hang up young man. We’ve earned it in the lean times.


As someone who started going to matches in 1980 I can well understand the Kerry hang up. KD’s biography is full of “God I was such a terrible footballer for a Kerryman” shite but he always adds how this shite footballer won so many all irelands. He’d take credit for inventing the humblebrag.


I remember being in school the morning after the 1978 All-Ireland final. I thought life was never going to be good again. Football was all that mattered.
This Dublin team has erased all bad memories since.


KD grew up in Beragh before moving down to Kerry.

You’d pass the village if you’re going to Healy Park.

He went to primary school with Joe McMahon…the man who would play against him in ‘08.


Living in Tipp has you awfully cynical :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That explains an awful lot …


Exactly. Kerry ruined him.

Or as they say about the Titanic…it was all right when it left here.


He went down quicker than the Titanic on many occasions


We had a kerry teacher ,never forgot this ,started singing 5 goals in the rain to the class .■■■■ .


Tell me you all stuck him to the blackboard with 6in nails … please!!!


He definitely skated on thin ice at times.


Ah.i was only a chisler


Am gonna go out on a limb here… if Donaghy was a dub we wud luv him… for sure was often a toe rag but at same time fought the cause … was a bit of a bollix at times but seems like a lad who u want on ur team


If any of our lads did as much bitching to the refs as he did I’d want him no where near the team . Amazing how himself & gooch werent pulled up on it more .Maybe we notice it more because he was the opposition but i still feel the same about him . A snake .


Brolly has article on him today. Glowing and maybe rightly so.