Kieran Donaghy Retires


I don’t think he was a great player, more an effective one, in my opinion he had 2 or 3 attributes that he used to maximum effect, his size, vision and speed of hand, but for me to be a great player you need to be pretty good all round and think Donaghy lacked speed, mobility and point taking ability to be in the great bracket, basically his good points balanced out his weak ones, but great players don’t really have weak ones. I didnt like the way he did a u turn on the Philly thing, he looked a bit foolish, but he deffo was one of those players that left nobody indifferent.


I met him a few times, he Got a bit piss with me when I gave him a bit of a ribbing and had that bit a superiority complex. On the pitch he was a handful, his roasting of francie bellew always stands out in my memory.

No offence Rufus


A mouthpiece but class player with quick hands and could play ball. His assist for Clifford goal against Monaghan was pure class. He never really troubled Dublin. Never understood why Jack O’Connor played him at wing forward in 2011 AI final. Was it to cut out the cut out the kickouts to Flynn? Maybe he might take up refereeing as himself and Gooch were always in referees ears.


None taken. It remains in my memory too.

Francois at that stage had a reputation around discipline which I felt was a factor in him getting a nothing yellow card early in the game, and as a consequence the attention he subsequently gave Donaghy did not contain his normal vigour.


I think it’s good that opposition fans applaud an opponent after they retire.

And it’s got nothing about how good a person they’re supposed to be…but respect for any player who sacrafised so much of their time for their county.

We met KD at a basketball event in Belfast and he signed jerseys and posed for selfies with kids from the club. Very obliging.

But watched a documentary on Stevie G and he’d rush past Liverpool kids looking for autographs.

So KD is all right in my books.

Besides…I think it’s more normal for a competitive player to have a streak of badness. Who wants a Saint? As my granny would say…too sweet to be wholesome.


Bernard comes to mind .


F Bellew always struck me a quiet, no nonsense defender from Cross. Once heard his nickname in cross was JCB.

Would have loved him on my team.

But the stuff written beforehand was off the wall. What was he going to do to KD…what badness would he get up to.

But he famously slipped…KD got the goal and did his ‘who’s crying now’ to Hearty. They even interview KD afterwards to ask what it was like to be marked by Francis.

Left CP that day really disappointed Kerry had won.


For sure there are some players with great temperaments.

Fellas you’d be happy to marry your daughter.

But if I’m honest…it’s the players who wear their emotion on the pitch, who aren’t afraid of stretching the rules that get fans backing. Same reason why Galvin was hero in Kerry. Or Gormley up here.




Hey, stop talking common sense.


That’s fair enough, but in the GAA you’d rarely see players acting the prima donna off the pitch. For all its faults, the GAA is a very different world to that of professional sports, Players know it would soon get back to their clubs, their communities and their mammys (the cynic in me also says their inter county managers and sponsors) if they acquired a reputation for being a dickhead. Patting your little Jimmy on the head and giving him an autograph is great. Long may it continue. But it doesn’t give players a free pass to act the b0ll0cks on the pitch, or stop spectators forming a perfectly justified negative opinion of them, based purely on what they do ON the pitch imo.


If Diarmo officially retired I’d say many counties would have a thread on it


There’s plenty of threads out there about diarmo already !


I just think if you put a camera on most players…club or county…it’d be easy to pull them up on something.

Ciaran K is a superb player - but I wouldn’t think any less of him if he acted a bollox.


Oh come on now. Are your opinions of Kilkenny, Berno, Jack Mc etc the same as your opinion of Philly?

Is everyone else’s?

I doubt it somehow.


In fairness, a regular poster on here may point out that they all play for the greatest Gaelic football team ever, so maybe opinions on them are somewhat alike.


From my conversations with Dublin footballers recently they have a lot of respect and admiration for the big Tralee man. Top player on his day, though he did struggle in his most recent years even though he could have been awarded that penalty in 15 which would have given Kerry an undeserved draw or win. 4 Celtic Crosses, not to be sniffed at. Amazing career.


If all 4 players you mentioned were to retire in 10 years time…I wouldn’t think of their personality…or how one acted a bollix and one didn’t…or how one was a durty so and so, Just wish them well and acknowledgement they were great players.

I mean…I don’t like BB more than Philly McM because he’s more of a poster boy. Football would be boring if it was only played by fellas with sparkly teeth and deadly beside manners.

In fact…I said here before that Philly McMahon was my favourite Dublin player.


Who did you speak to specifically and how was it that KD came up in conversation even before he retired?


He has a book to flog. Ten years later he regrets things he said on the pitch, :open_mouth: