Kieran Donaghy Retires


I hear this stuff all the time - never hear the actual players saying afterwards they were not proud of it.


This is an excellent summary. Dirty bastid on the pitch but always seemed to leave it there. People who don’t think it deserves a thread of its own can choose to ignore I reckon.

Hated him as a player but came across as grand off it.


Hawkeye I find your contribution to this beyond ridiculous . You’ll get over it.


Yep, and so does Philly and lots of other players from other counties, but thanks to the Kerry media mafia and the Kerry PR machine that gives the likes of Donaghy a public platform for their own self promotion, Kerry players get elevated to virtual sainthood when they retire.

Players from other counties rarely get to experience that. Good luck finding a thread like this one on a Kerry forum when Cooper and McMahon retire, or the same levels of gushing from the star struck meeja.


Jesus at times the level of shit these players got on this site it would be nearly hard to find a thread here gushing about them! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yer darn tootin’ !


do we really care about what goes on on a kerry forum?

if they want to acknowledge when the likes of Philly who brought a significant attacking edge to a corner back role (can’t think of any prior to him to do it to such success) and has seen a significant change in the role of full back line players to have an ability to go forward then let them at it. If they don’t will we really care?

The hang ups on this forum about Kerry in particular are worse than any supposed eulogising of another county’s player


the first thing written in the media write ups on his wedding was how there were 105 all ireland medals in the room. im sure that wasn’t picked up off the ground and was briefed to the media.



Ha… swap the day date (11) and year date (18) in Flynner’s tweet and what date do you come up with?


I tried but I can’t


18th Sept 11?


Wonder which has the Indo signed him yet, or perhaps he’ll appear out the RTE, the graveyard for ex-Yarra players…


Thing is I won’t be looking for a thread on Dublin players on Kerry websites. You shouldn’t worry as much about what they think of our players.


Totally agree with this.

People looking for plaudits from Kerry reflect an inferiority complex maybe.


Sean Cavanagh has spoken of regrets over things he has done


Being Irish … maybe …


This is so on the money, that it should be inscribed in a tablet of stone and placed in the brickwork, above the bar, in the res dubs social club.

Respect @Maxi88.


Au contraire mon ami. It’s not about hangups over Kerry players per se. It’s about their being elevated to a status nationally - and their shortcomings overlooked or glossed over - that rarely happens to players from other counties.

Pointing that out or being a tad pissed off about it, does not mean you are hung up over anything.

Remember, just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. :wink:

PS No signage is allowed in The Confession Box jacks. Health & Safety etc etc.


Ah in fairness he was deadly! If you lived in Kerry you would probably appreciate him more :joy: