Kieran Donaghy Retires


Don’t remember that or didn’t see it to be honest


Dog on the street could tell ye it was him, it was hinted at enough times by some of the lads on the team as well that year, but to be fair no one ever pointed their finger.


Was it Donaghy that Philly was referring to in book regarding his brother. Thought was a Tyrone player.


The dogs on the street have been telling me all sorts of awful stuff about Connolly in recent months, and they are all wrong. Unless we know, we don’t know.

I think there is too much judging of peoples character on GAA fields. I don’t know Donaghy, I don’t particularly want to know him but all I do know is that he was a good footballer that put the fear of god into me when the ball was heading his way against Dublin. He set out to be a good footballer and he achieved it - so he has my respect for that. I couldn’t give a rats ass about the rest of it really, he was a bit of a pantomime villain at times, but so what really.


That gets thrown at people who don’t have an all Ireland medal all the times…we get that thrown at us all the time.

He was an effective player for Kerry. I won’t miss him though.


Throwing numbers, or the lack, of AI medals at players is lazy derogatory analysis of their careers. Decades of dedication can’t be easily summarized.

E.g The 1 medal Donaghy won in his last 9 years is one more than the combined total of Ciaran Whelan, Eamon heery and paddy Christie.


So hearsay then… assumptions are a dangerous thing!


What exactly did you garner from my comment.


All true men , up to yourselves I suppose what’s to believed or not.


Always did what he had to do to win, sometimes went too far, but he was a serious handful and himself and Gooch, the ‘little and large’ combo caused us and others more than our fair share of heartache over the years.

For all the comments I’ve read today about him being a one trick pony and that he never kicked a ball, his point in the ‘11 final was pure class. The pressure after Kev Mcs goal and Kev Nolan’s point… I was sitting right behind it in the Cusack and the ball seemed to hang in the air for an eternity before dropping onto the roof of the net. Unreal

Wish him the best


I’d say it was a mayo player


How to become a nice guy in Ireland:

a) retire
b) die.


c) be from Kerry.


Maybe I misunderstood but players without all Ireland medals are looked down upon by most


Probably a minority opinion here but I have good time for him on a few fronts, as a player ,as a personality and as a person.
Assessing him as a player first he along with Michael Murphy has been the best target man in the country for the last 15 years. Got Kerry out of jail a couple of times notably against Mayo in 2014 and this year in Monaghan. Always a handful. Scored a classy point in 2011 late on against us, the lad had some skill all right.Great man to win a throw up too.Gavin often but 2 men to mark him.That I call respect.
As a personality I have found him more engaging and thoughtful than his on field antics would have suggested he was capable of. Either late last year ,or early this year, he gave a lengthy interview to OTB.Interesting stuff.Talked extensively about basketball.Was informative and enlightening to an innocent observer like me.Gave great credit to the unsung heroes promoting a relative minority sport like basketball in Tralee. Moreover in an age where players are programmed to speak in cliches you always felt he spoke from the heart. Do you hear that Joe Brolly?
As a person he commands my immense respect. I think we all know people who are quick to blame others for their own misfortunes. His biography outlined some difficulties he had in his early life. Rather than carry a cross of bitterness and resentment he thrived in spite of it. furthermore there are not too many people of that era,who having had Dyslexia ended up writing a book that was widely acclaimed by critics.Thats some achievment.
He was not always a person to admire and the punch he threw at AOS in the replay last year was a cheap shot. I am sure he was not proud of it. But as the man says let he who has not sinned --------- But in a peculiar way he seemed an impressive human being always wearing his heart on his sleeve.Genuine warts and all.
So a great warrior has left the stage. He gave his all for his jersey. He has done the game some service.I wish him well.




And a hearty hello, good morning, you’re very welcome, pull up a chair there, what are you having yourself to Kieran’s Mammy. :blush:


I won’t miss him.
I think he was lucky to have played for Kerry when he did, in the company of the O Se’s, Cooper, etc. I don’t think he was as good a player as Liston.
That said, he did have some stand-out moments and that point in 2011 was, no doubt, one of them.
I don’t know him personally, but my opinion of him was that he seemed like a school playground bully because of his size but went crying to teacher/mammy when he met his match.


This. I’m glad his gone and back slapping when ever he won a free. I had a lot of respect for his peers on that Kerry team. O’sullivan (all 20 of them) O’Se’s and Galvin. Could never respect him. Ability or not. His bulshit negated any good points he had.


a year later, in his book and the press for it