Kieran Donaghy Retires


I was referring to here , I ll take your word for it regarding twitter.


Yeah sorry, I wasn’t referring to here. We Ressers are the eptitome of class*, dignity and measured reason, as always. But the wider world are once again crawling up the back passage of another Kuree ligind, as always. Some things never change !

(* Me excluded obvs :wink: )


Same here, his on field antics drove me mad. Took a totally different view after meeting him and watching his interaction with young Dubs.


Dislike him intensely. Thought he was a sly, sneaky fkr on the pitch. And for a big man who liked to give it he couldn’t take it. Never stopped mouthing at referees and oponents. An obnoxious fkr on the pitch. Know from conversations with a couple of Dublin players over last few years that they had no time for or respect for him regardless of his footballing abilities. And that’s really saying something about him.

Anyway glad to see the back of him. No doubt he’ll end up as another Kerry mouthpiece in the media.


he already has an indo column, i ignored it for the final.


I’d respect any player, who not naturally gifted, went on to make a name for himself and leave a decent imprint on the game. He had some memorable moments, catch over Bellew, equaliser against us in 11, Mayo 14 I think it was.

Had some more unsavoury moments too it must be said.


Most of it was about how important Bernard Brogan was going to be for us.


Hope Clucko doesn’t take that as a dig at him!! :wink:


For all the praise here for him , let’s not forget that comment about some Dublin lad walking around with his Celtic cross in his back pocket .
A guy with class does not say something like that .
Very good player but an utter prick at times too .
There’s the incident where he slying leveled ROC back in the '11 final & then the gouging incident perpetuated by him against Philly . There’s numerous other nasty things he tried with us .
For all his AIs he never won one against us .
Hope he remembers that .


He was one of those players who all the top teams have or had. A Victorian Music Hall villain. I know a few chaps who played club against him in Kerry and say that while he was a nightmare to play against and capable of more or less anything! that he is sound chap and it stays on the pitch.

Like other Dubs I’ve done my share of cussing him out but one thing I always liked about him was that he went out of his way to shake as many hands as possible after being beaten while others were sitting on the ground with their head in their hands. a natural enough reaction and one preferred by myself!

So love him or loath him he was one of towering figures (after Rufus’ pun!) of past decade and more.


Wha’ ?

Clucko has 6 in the last 9 years (to date) of his playing career.

Even my crappy C in Leaving Cert Maths knows that 6 is more than 1. :thinking:


I’ve never understood why people get so wound up about the celtic cross in their pocket. To be fair if Dublin threw away a four point lead in a game where they were at best seen as evens I’d see it as one that slipped away


To be fair to him, he actually put the fires out on it afterwards and said what happens on the pitch stays there. Philly’s hand was in a precarious position!!


And then went off relighting them a while later?


He made some perceptive remarks before the final regarding the influence of basketball tactics on Dublin via Jason and MDM, and Gavin’s interest in American sports.

Of course he was excellent basketball player himself so is biased, but made change from usual negative narrative attacking JG and Dublin for “destroying” the beautiful game.


His comments about Philly mac’s brother on the the field in the 2015 final sledging or otherwise was bang out of order, I could have respect for his footballing achievements if not for that, good riddance!!


Ah, I didn’t realise you were differentiating between last 9 years and first 9 years - I just assumed it was the 9 year period that you were arguing undermined the notion of a great career!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now listen here pal, don’t you go trying to interject your wee silly sums & nordie logic into my perfectly reasonable & well thought out dig at Donkey & Kerry. We’ll be 'avin none o that crap around these 'ere parts.


So it was him that said it ??,


Is that accurate or hearsay?