Kevins losing playing pitches


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Do TSS have many ex Synge players on their adult teams? Why are they not recruiting in D8?


That would be a question for TSS to answer, but I doubt there are many past pupils playing. The youngest group of players would be most likely mid to late 30s. No doubt there would be a few past pupils involved at committee level etc and sons of past pupils playing.


They went for planning permission over 10 years ago for 103 apartments and got it just before the crash. They had to pay planning fees etc to DCC. Word on the street is they rejected a very substantial offer … and then the market crashed. The GAA bought their bad debt from the Bank and most likely got a write down. So basically the GAA own the debt on the last remaining green space near inner city Dublin.


Surely against the constitution or rules of any sports club to be dabling in property development. Getting planning permission for a large development is a very very expensive business with massive risk attached.


Unfortunately lots of clubs jumped on the bandwagon in the boom as it’s easier than selling raffle tickets. But lots of clubs got burned and you would be amazed how many clubs the GAA have bailed out. Interestingly they removed that section from their annual reports and I don’t think bailing out a GAA club in a specific county is included the county’s allocation. Then there’s the clubs that did well financially. Parnells were one of the successful ones financially. I don’t think the money has brought them much success on the football field though.


Realt Dearg and Ranelagh Gaels might have an interest …


I wouldn’t imagine CLG Naomh Uinsionn did too bad in relocating from Raheny to Marino. Other clubs benefitted from property deals without actually owning sites originally (Trinity Gaels, Naomh Mearnóg, for examples).


I think there is a difference between clubs relocating and property speculating. Eg. Faughs and Commercials relocated and it was successful for them. Synge St moving to Templeogue/ Terenure was also a very good move for their club. Vincent’s were a success from day 1 when they were set up as a feeder club for Parnells. The move to their current location (well before the boom) made sense as they were originally set up as a Marino club. I’m not familiar with the Naomh Mearnóg or Trinity Gaels deal, but Trinity Gaels don’t seem to be the force they were before.


The logical mergers never took place bavk in the 90s.

Templeogue shoukd have merged with Faughs and become a proper dual club, instead of merging with synger… they are taking no kids from synger area but have the cheek of “developing” an inherited pitch there … should be in tymon park and bushy park…

synge street should have mrrfdd with Kevin’s to form a dual club serving their own locality and using pre-existing pitch in Dlophin park.

I know it’s too late to realign the coubsbon a logical geographical dual club divide nowbutbone would have to wonder how such an illogical single code merger as TSS was evef allowed come to pass…


Interestingly the establishment of Synge St resulted in Kevin’s dropping football in the 40s and then being “moved out” of Dolphin Pk. I understand Kevin’s Exec approached their Exec in the late 90s to merge, or at least open their club to the Kevin’s hurlers who didn’t attend Synge St school. I suspect the SS/ Templeogue merger was more strategic as a lot of the past pupils were living out that direction and wanted to move to a more affluent area and Templeogue had no adult teams.


Thanks for that and the history, I didn’t realise about Kevin’s having football…

I suppose I am being ideological but s co board should have had the vision to “ensure” mergrrs took place.

As I see it the only active link Tss nowvhas to D8 is dolphin park with little to no playing members outside of the templeogue end of the club… I really cannot see why templeogue and Faughs are not one club instead of forcibg psrents yo join their kids in 2 half clubs…

Of course almost 40 years the visionaries in Faughs couldn’t be arsed training the judes juveniles who wanted to hurl and thus luckily Judes became a proper dual club after initially being big ball only. Faughs at the time saw no need to have a juvenile section !!!


You ideology would be a bit too logical for the GAA :slight_smile: Unfortunately there are a lot in power within clubs who are more concerned about their legacy than the future of the kids in the area and there are others who value the financial assets more than the human capital. There’s an interesting Wikipedia page showing Kevin’s as one of the top underage football clubs having more minor football championships than most other clubs in Dublin. I don’t think Faughs have any interest in football which would explain the lack of a merger. In fairness they only got their juvenile section going in the 90s (and have done a good job of it) so probably didn’t want the hassle/ complications.


"New"Faughs doing a great job at juvenile level now but up to 25years ago they didn’t give a flying ■■■■ about kids and they still treat football as akin to soccer. But their issue not mine, I’m proud to be part of a club that foes it’s level best to treat and promote all codes equally…


This would be a huge blow in that part of the city if more green space was lost!