Kevins losing playing pitches


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She was on Ray D’arcy last year … and that incident came up … as far as I can remember after she moved to a quiet village in Cork or something down the country she received an anonymous letter saying yer man who said that on air lived in the same village … freaked her out!

#95 The 4 cross pitches will be “maintained” but in reality they will be reduced from being able to cater for a minor game (at lower league grades) down u12 size. Hurling balls will be flying into the 150 apartments and houses at the other side. Also the 5th pitch that has disappeared of the brochure and renamed as a training area will be built on. An all-weather is talked about but not on the TSS plans/statement. Seems crazy that two clubs with 40+ teams (and growing) would facilitate such a move in one of the highest populated areas and with the lowest available green space in Dublin. I wonder what Kilmacud Crokes or Cuala would do if faced with the same dilemma?


My understanding is that TSS own the grounds, how come in over 100 years in this part of the city, Kevin’s never secured pitches of their own, seriously, what were their exec at during this time?


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You’re understanding is correct and it’s a good question. To understand the reason you also have to look at why no other club could acquire pitches in the inner city. There’s been a load of clubs that started in the same location as Kevin’s and either moved or went out of existence. Faughs and Commercials moved to Templeogue/ Terenure and Rathcoole. But they didn’t have juveniles at the time so had no emotional connection to the area. Rialto Gaels and Donores merged into Liffey Gaels who eventually acquired Land in Ballyfermot and they are not as strong as they used to be. There is talk of them merging with Counsel. Liberties Gaels went out of existence in the 80s, using the Phoenix Park wasn’t sustainable. Portobello have Grounds in Cathal Brugha in Rathmines, but are a country based club with no underage and adult hurling is not allowed on the pitches. Ranelagh Gaels are a new club that overlap with Kevin’s area and have their nursery on a rugby pitch in Donnybrook. Realt Dearg are a new hurling club that overlap with Kevin’s area and play in Walkinstown. Synge St PP nearly went out of existence in the 90s, but merged with Templeogue. They now draw the majority of kids from the Templeogue / Terenure schools and have no working relationships with the schools in D8. They have access to 7 juvenile pitches and and an adult pitch in their catchment area according to their website and are doing well now (and fair play to them). Same problem on the northside where Eoghan Ruadh more or less went out of existence … They had one adult junior team when they merged into Plunketts. The fact is that there is no green space to acquire in the catchment area. Professor Gerald Mills of UCD did some independent research and compared the Kevin’s catchment area to 93 other GAA clubs in Dublin. It has the 5th highest population and the least amount of green space of the 93 clubs. It is is 86% below the recommended EU average requirement for green space. Over 30% of households (population of 50k) live in poverty so access to transport etc and motivating the masses to travel out to the suburbs to play is not sustainable. If Kevin’s move the kids of the inner city aren’t given the opportunity to play hurling. When you read the article closely you will note an interesting point at the end about the Christian Brothers… Sadly a key driver for the transfer of “ownership” of Dolphin Pk was to facilitate the sale of land and payment of a substantial amount of money to the Christian Brothers which has gone unnoticed as it’s a GAA club fronting the transaction. To make matters worse previous articles and statements highlight the fact that Dublin County Board and the GAA have approved this deal. Partially because Templeogue Synge St ran up a huge debt and need to sell land to pay it off…


Its a shame if any green space is lost in that area. Will kevins be the only gaa club(i know othe sports will use it) to use the new all weather pitch whenever that is built off Donore avenue?


How did TSS run up a debt?