Kevins losing playing pitches


“Name a bird with a long neck ?”

"Eh… Naomi Campbell "


What was Gandhi’s first name?

Eh, Goosey goosey?


“Name a place in Kildare with a body part in its name?”


What star do travellers follow?
Joe Dolan


True story. A few years ago they were discussing death and burial on the radio. Lad phones in - ‘I’ll tell yiz all where I’d like to be buried (beddied - as he said himself),
Up to the balls in Bibi Baskin!’ ( cue Iomaint crashing the car!)


Love this line from Two Pints

So Gaddafi’s gone. — From the chipper? — Ah, listen — look it. You’re goin’ to have to broaden your fuckin’ horizons. — Oh, the other one. — Yeah, the other one. — Yeah, I seen tha’. The man with the golden gun. * Didn’t do him much fuckin’ good, did it?


Who is the Ayatollah? A ceili band


Where’s the Taj Mahal? Just off Lincoln Place


How many 8s in 64?
Loads Larry


“What was Hitler’s first name?”

Contestant: “Heil”.


Was there another one- Where’s the Andes? Up me Sleevies…


‘What’s Fleet St famous for’ ?
‘The ESB offices’


‘What’s the Capital of France’?


She was on Ray D’arcy last year … and that incident came up … as far as I can remember after she moved to a quiet village in Cork or something down the country she received an anonymous letter saying yer man who said that on air lived in the same village … freaked her out!