Kevins losing playing pitches


Yeah cause the poor religious orders haven’t got a penny to their name. God love them!


They own a fortune worth of land and the most valuable land is playing pitches around the schools they own in cities.

It’s all a game, we’re just pawns


They also have hundreds of millions (if not billions) on deposit around the world I’m sure.

There was a picture a few years ago of the pope sitting at a table in the Vatican, the picture was taken at table height and you could barely see the man through the amount of gold he was sitting behind (chalices etc…)


was all fake gold, they are stoney broke


Nazi fake gold…


I wonder will there be campaign to stop Saint Pats as this also impacts green space.


It’ll never be built or at best only half built.


These soccer boys are comedy gold.

Imagine proposing to build a stadium you have no money for on lands you don’t own.


Well Garett kelleher who owns st pats is a big developer in his own right. I also assume that pats have a plan to sell their existing ground for a bit of dosh.


DCC would get Richmond Park as part of the deal AFAIK.


Ah yes, the man who is/was suing NAMA over the Chicago Spire project. The Spire was going to be the tallest skyscraper in the US but…


Doesn’t sound like it from this; Last paragraph


Well he has got other stuff built ya know. What did you build , a lego hospital ?


I did the Taj Mahal … the one in India - not the curry house that used to be in Nassau St …


A housing estate in Milltown


I’d say there’s some crack in Inchicore over this.




Crack as opposed to craic?


Wasn’t that on Larry Gogans quiz…

‘Where’s the Taj Mahal’?
‘Opposite the Dental Hospital’



You ve started it now . As happy as ? Dunno Larry. Think of me. A pig in shite.