Junior Championship Structures 2018


Can the winners of the AC IFC defend the title the next season with the same panel of players? I think they should be allowed.


I agree.

Cant understand how there are three byes in the ACIFC…there were 15 or 16 second teams in the Inter last year. Could they not have just gotten the 16 best 2nd teams based on last years Champo…?? You know what will happen now, a 3rd team will win the J1AC and not be able to fill the bye.

My original suggestion (which I thought they had followed :blush:), was to arrange teams by the grade they had within their own club.

  • Take all the first teams and grade them (they have done this SFB 1&2, IFC, JNR 1,2 etc).
  • Then all second teams…grade them in a similar vein (probably 5 ish champo’s * here too).
  • Third teams and so on (maybe onlye 3 here)
  • then 4ths (are there 5th’s, probably).

This way you would never have an issue with teams from the same club running into each other in champo.


Another thing, why didn’t they call the top “All County” championship the Senior All County? I know Willie Shakespeare will tell you “whats in a name”, but these are the best of the best All County teams.


They are all a bit of a mess. Teams from 7, 9, 10 and 11 in the JAC5 and teams from 8, 9 and 10 in the JAC4. Why didn’t they take the chance while they had it to realign the championships all the way down with the leagues?


I wish guys would get over their hang up with leagues. Everything in the GAA is defined by Championship status. A Club is either a Senior Club, Intermediate or Junior Club based on which championship it plays in. League does not come into it. Likewise a player’s status is defined by his championship grading.
Under DCB regulations Any player in Dublin(even an inter county player) can play in any league 1 to 11 or 1 to 9 once he is not named on the panel of a higher league team before the 2 nd league game of the season or provided he hasn’t played in 4 higher league games in the season.
Championship on the other hand confines a player to his own grade or higher, he cannot play below his grade unless he is allowed to regrade.
Championship is the proper way to measure how good or bad a team is. There is too much player movement in and out of league teams to use it as a definite guide to a team’s ability.


OK, so you think teams from Div11 can compete with teams from div7? Fair enough, they are not linked, but it’s stupid to think that teams from 4 divisons behind other teams can be competitive. I didn’t mean to put teams in champo according to their league positions, but at least even them up so you are playing teams 1 league below or above you, not 4!


Can a team play in Club and All County championships as Brendans have 1 team in club, 2 teams in All County but have only 2 league teams? Could have a third championship only team for the aul lads I suppose either…


No is the answer to your question. “Club” is your first team. “All County” is for all your remaining teams.
Must be an admin error, or they have a champo only team, as you say.


Couldn’t agree more!
Teams will be well beaten in games.
I completely agree it’s not the worst thing to face teams a division or 2 above,but to face a team 4 divisions up,who play intermediate football week in,its pure madness!
No use either to the division 4 teams,who would prefere a decent game instead of a rout!

Think it’s a shambles!


Will take years of stability to even out, where they could have just done a quick sense check on some of it.
Teams from Div 7 in the JAC5, I think i saw Castleknocks AFL 4 team in with a load of AFL 7’s…its stupid.

I would understand if a senior club had a team in AFL 2,3,4,5…these would have to go in JAC1, 2, 3, 4 etc, by definition…but this isn’t the case where I can see.

As we learned from the TD fiasco, the county board and grade teams with their own discretion.
This was the opportunity.


But but but, league and championships aren’t linked…

Wait, how do they grade teams for underage and minor championships??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


4 league difference is a joke, bit lazy from the county board tbh


Lads - anyone know the story with regrading? As in regrading to Junior B, Junior D etc, when those competitions don’t exist this season?