Junior Championship Structures 2018


Could the intermediate champo stay the same as last year too? So there won’t be just first teams in it?


Yea so essentially all will remain the same as last year so there will ultimately from Inter down be some first teams and some 2nd 3rd and 4th teams in Inter/A/B/C/D champo’s.


so now that TD appeal has been thrown out by the DRA we can finally get a championship draw done next week. Is Championship results over the last 5 years the decider as to whether you go into Junior 1 or 2 as well?


Intermediate, Junior and Junior B Championships will be for first teams only.

The will be separate competitions for clubs with 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams.


Any sign of junior draws


Only doing Junior 1 draw.


The CCC will do the remaining draws tomorrow


The remaking draws?


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Just seen some of the draws.
It looks quite impossible and unfair on some teams.
How can a team from division 4 be in same group as 2 teams from division 6 and one team from 8.?
I’m sure there is other concerns!
Any thoughts or opinions



Where did you see the draws?


Junior 1 championship group:
St. Finians Newcastle AFL 4
St. Brendans AFL5
Wanderers AFL6
Gers AFL7

2017 Junior C
Cuala (ALF 7) 2-9 Gers (ALF 8) 1-9

2016 Junior C
Gers (ALF 8) 1-14 Brigids (AFL6) 2-14

2015 Junior D
Fingallions (ALF 11N) 1-12 Gers (AFL 8) 1-8

2014 Junior D
Gers (AFL9) 2-15 Boden 4-15 (AFL9) AET
Game of games!

Gers (AFL 9) 2-13 Wild Geese (AFL 7) 1-13

2013 Junior D
Gers (AFL 9) little score Wild Geese (AFL 8) big score


What’s the story with the old junior D champo? Just wanna see who our 2nd team have drawn.


Is that 5 final losses in a row?


I wish! Preliminary & 1st round exits. Can’t wait to play an AFL4 team. :+1:


Would love to see a spreadsheet of the Grading accros the champos, especially the All County ones.
Something which shows which team it is in each club (1st, 2nd, etc) or current league would be good.

Trying to put some logic on the threads which show AFL4 v AFL7 teams etc.