Jim McGuinness - Irish Times


Eugene McGee doesn’t think much of McGuinness

“Jim McGuinness, because he happened to win one All-Ireland, [no] more than myself, thinks he’s the high priest of Gaelic football and the Irish Times gives him a place to expound on his theories.

“If he was that good why didn’t he win a second All-Ireland or a third All-Ireland? :joy:



Shots fired :joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: eugene is winding up the culchie mafia more than us winning All Ireland’s is.

There’ll be glorious scenes over the next few days now. Jim doesn’t take criticism well


McGee is in Jimmy black book now.


Said it many times, always liked EMcG, mischievous, er cantankerous soul, soft spot for us, doesn’t do overblown reps. Or Meath


A good mate of mine played UCD Sigerson for him in the 70s - has great time for him. I’m not sure meself …


Never really got the impression he had a soft spot for us… I’ll agree though he is as cantankerous as they come.


Spot on about Jim


I was actually talking about Eugene McGee. As for Jim well he should be loving us we did make the fucjker famous with ‘his’ win. It’s like a one hit wonder at Christmas guaranteed royalties for ever. Cliff fucking Richards.


that is a totally unfounded allegation, without any facts to back it up. it is unworthy of this forum.

cliff richard had three christmas number ones.

Jim is the Jona Lewie of the GAA.

Stop the Calvary!!

(You can also find him in the kitchen at parties)


Ok Jim is Jona… but he is doing a cover version of you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties to

“You’ll Always Find Me giving a winners opinion on how to beat Dublin in the media and guest of honour at Parties.”


the irony is that i called Jim the Eugene of the 21st century a few weeks back and now McGee is virtually doing the same thing.

Yes, I know about UCD and everything, but still.


McGee is acantakerous oul whinger who has no great like of Dublin. Been v critical of Dublin at times

Seems however to have lot of respect for Heffo although neither of them liked the other.


McGee gives very critical reviews of all the top counties at times, especially when they lose or play a shit type of football. But he gives credit where due and isnt one of the sheep who always plumps for the underdog nor parrots all the shite about resources etc for the most part. Tends to criticise GAC decisions alot and talks frequently about general good of the game stuff.

Anyone who lays into Meath like he did after Galway put them in the box they havent got out of since has a bag of chips on his shoulder that though undoubtedly bad for you when taken too often are always going to be irresistably tasty!


Jimmy winning matches again :joy:


21-0 … Donegal wouldn’t have scored that many points in 3 games!