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I would argue that when people say running at the dublin defence, they are suggesting running at the full back line and creating goal chances. That didn’t happen against Kerry and they absolutely tried it more than once


Always makes me laugh when it’s ‘the Dubs don’t like when you run at them!’.
Run at any defence and you’ll cause them problems.


First of many national newspaper spreads from “neutrals” outlining 'how to beat the dubs"

I flicked through that in 10 seconds and didn’t take much at all from it to be honest.

Whose next, Darragh o Se, Horan, Bomber ?


Billy, Sinead, JF, Horan again, Wally doing his bit on his gick podcast, I’ll keep an eye out for Quirks effort as he is the only one thats seems balanced, PeeWee, O;Rourke… and as I don’t even read the Red Tops god knows what shite is them.


RTE apparently


I would take it as running from deeper - he mentions getting runners off the shoulder.


This annoys me no end. Playing with a sweeper is dropping an extra man back. COS is a centre back but since every other county play with a sweeper he’s left free. He won his all star at the centre back position, don’t think they give them for sweepers.
Saying Dublin play with a sweeper implies we also partake in extra defensive / negative football, which is just completely wrong. Sure we’ve even played parts of games with 7 forwards against their 7 backs! :smile:


Maybe that’s what he means. But I still maintain we’re no slouches when it comes to defending runners in the big games


If anyone thinks that what COS does isn’t sweeping, they’re very wrong. He’s very mobile and covers the ground across both side of the park to cut off easy ball into the full forward line. It’s not a negative term. It’s the easiest way to describe his job which is made easier by other teams dropping back. We don’t really know what would happen if other teams went 6 up front because they haven’t done it too often. My gut feeling is that COS would stay in his role bar picking his man up when he drifts into the 45 and it would be up to the 5 men in midfield and the half forward line to cover his man out the park


Of course he sweeps when he’s left free to do so. The point I’m making here is, the likes of Jim McGuinness describe as a Dublin tactic to employ a sweeper. That’s horseshit. It’s a reaction to having a spare defender


Bart will be along at some stage to clarify all this .



While in 2014, our spare defender ( Philly) was told to bomb forward




It’s very definitely a Dublin tactic to leave COS to sweep across the half back line and so not to get as easily picked off for a goal a la Donegal 2014


So who goes HB if Mayo play 6 forwards on Sunday?


We won’t know unless it happens and Dublin’s tactics will inevitably change but the tactic when other teams drop one of their forwards back is to leave COS sweep across the HB line.


But we have seen it before. When Kerry pushed up on us, Cian picked up a man and nobody dropped into HB. Obviously if we have a spare man it’s Cian and that is a tactic but it’s not a tactic to have Cian sweeping at all times. If Mayo play 6 forwards I’ll have any amount you want in Dublin playing with 6 defenders, and no sweeper


Yes because Dublin will only play with 6 backs. When they are given the chance they will employ a sweeper. You seem to have an issue with the term sweeper being used by journalists or whoever but it is not a negative term. It is the role that COS has predominantly played the last 2 seasons

Kerry didn’t do it for a full 70 mins. They did it in spurts but in general COS was sitting in CB or at times I noticed James McCarthy do it. The idea being to always have one man sitting in the middle of the park when we are attacking


But the fact remains, Dublin do not employ a full time sweeper. That is what certain pundits say is Dublin’s tactic which is just plain wrong. He’s a spare man left free to mark space, if they put a forward on him, Dublin no longer have a sweeper so my point is that Dublin’s tactics are not to go out and play with a sweeper.

If there’s 5 or sometimes 4 forwards, then we leave our spare men covering space. That’s how I’d describe Dublin’s tactics anyway.


Nothing against Dublin using a sweeper by the way. The point I’m making when these pundits are analysing Dublin they are doing so incorrectly