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I hope you read them with relish,.


He just said he needs to ketchup


Not relevant to thread but why does Jim Mc Guinness have a slot on the opening page of Res Dubs? I think he shouldn’t and I preferred the way the previous site was organised. Am I mad??


Yes, you are quite mad…


I agree



Starting to find his stuff very hard to read to be honest, I mean with the exception of one game IMO, Donegal (2014 semi ) Donegal under Mc Guinness have always been predictable, we beat them in 2011 because they were predictble, Kerry beat them in 2014 because they refused to change things and now Mc Guinness is trying to say Gallagher has turned them into a side with few alternatives in their game plan. The bottomline is that they have a good few miles on the clock, some key players are more or less gone, Mc Fadden for example and they are finding it difficult to replace them.
I think Jim got out when he knew the time was right, but he is a bit out of order to be continuously referring to how the team played then and how they are playing now, the only real thing that has changed is the system has been studied by the opposition and teams like Kerry 2014, Tyrone last week knew how to play it and the players who more or less the same, have a lot more miles on the clock.


I agree mostly with you P, I think either they don’t have the backs and midfielders to drive the game at the intensity they need or Gallagher lacks the know-how to get them more able to vary their game, or a bit from both. It was lack of the required intensity and focus that lost them the games against Dublin in 2011, and Kerry in 2014. Not sure if ageing/worn-out players is the main issue really though


Then there were 10. This weekend there’ll be six and we’ll be closer to knowing the identity of this year’s All-Ireland champions.

I think you’ll find there’ll be 8 Jim.


6 is right. First set of 1/4 finals on Sunday. There will 8 on Saturday evening and 6 on Sunday evening



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Good piece by JMG, bit repetitive but he reinforces the idea very clearly. Donegal’s performance was very similar to last year’s UF. Tyrone’s was not dissimilar to Monaghan’s. What were the differences? This year’s final was a higher standard, it finished in a welter of excitement, intensity and fantastic scores. Tyrone have more than Monaghan, in attack.

Having said all that, as Jim says, some of it was down to Tyrones extra zeal on the day. Yet they still only scraped home. So were Donegal better than last year’s final? They didn’t look as tired. They may have been an extra 5%, they certainly would have been heavily motivated not to lose another final.

Then another two factors - Donegal had a bit of a mental grip over Tyrone from the past few years, always an advantage based on the history of many similar rivalries down the years, I would say. And Tyrone lost two players rather harshly. The most impressive thing about Tyrone was that they seemed almost to make a virtue out of the adversity. That’s a sign of a special side in the making.

And as JMG said, they may grow now from having come through that. If they face Mayo, that’s another team who has a bit of a mental advantage over them from most of the last decade or so. That could be a huge game, if Mayo up their level from so far.


He’s a great man for making a simple game seem very complicated …


In this case I’m with Jimmy (**coughs, spits), the psychology of games at this level has indeed become very complex & varied, (or ‘nuanced’, for our southside brethren). Players have to be able to function mentally at a very high level of complexity & flexibility, compared to the past.

The game becomes simple at times, when it opens up, when the unexpected happens etc. But being able to make decisions about simplicity options at (the right) times is just another part of the whole damn complex! :dizzy_face:


So the team with the best psychologist wins … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



“Virgil, looky he-ere, I think we gots ourselves a READER!!”



No prizes for guessing who he thinks will win both games.


Why wouldn’t he show faith in his home county JJF? I think we will win on Saturday but that doesn’t rule out the fact that if Donegal are properly prepared and motivated, it does of course have the potential to go horribly wrong.


I never expected anything less of him DCR, though his previous efforts in the times regarding Donegal wouldn’t exactly say he was showing faith in Donegal with the sublimeal pops at the current manager is currently anything to go by. But who cares. But anyway theres worst reading out there particularly the shite peddled on behalf of Bomber Liston and his effort for the Kerryman or what ever publication it was plucked from.