Jim McGuinness - Irish Times


Jim takes a break from the Dubs and reverts to his joint favourite pastime, sticking the knife into SLH:


He lumped in Tyrone as a coming team with the likes of Roscommon & Cavan :confused:. Miles ahead compared to the other two .


Let’s call two thirds of that after Sunday!


I’m surprised he made no mention at all of how useless Kevin McLaughlin was as a sweeper on Saturday night. I’m also glad that he called Cillian O’Connor out for what in reality he really is - an extremely reliable free taker who doesn’t really produce it from play on the big days.


COC has played well against us as far as I recall, scored a very hard-won goal in the replay last year that almost no other forward would have got. Nails the most under pressure kicks of any free-taker out there, which isn’t to be taken for granted. Doesn’t kick alot of points from play in the biggest games. But then he also doesn’t get the supply Dublin forwards get nor is he surrounded by several other top-class forwards.


O’Connor’s first match of the year - I think he can be excused a little rustiness. Although he’s never been brilliant from open play. The younger brother will make a big difference to them.


He was black carded v London so not technically correct :wink:


I don’t know where Mayo will go from here - to just keep on pushing at the door is hard, especially when the door doesn’t open and all you can do is push harder. It seems a long time since they played with a bit of abandon and a bit of joy and I don’t think you can win without it.


The qualifiers will make or break them. They are lucky to have this lesson before they landed into an AI quarterfinal and took a hiding.


You would expect them to cruise through the qualifiers but the big questions is, will they have genuinely learnt anything?


I’m pretty sure he missed a few handy placed balls against us in '13 Final , open to correction of course .


I don’t think so, pretty sure he nailed every free he got that day but IIRC, he failed to score from play.


Personally think the COC has got away with murder against us. A hell of a lot of handy frees due to poor refs and ball being moved forward a lot. I don’t rate him as a top forward and his behaviour on the pitch is obnoxious. He is right up there with Dorothy for his antics and snidiness.


This. All day long


I thought he missed 1 or 2 in the beginning :confused:


O connor missed the first two, on tricky one after 3 minutes and the other a handy one from further out but straight in front of the goal after about ten mins


Thank God , thought I was losing it :astonished:


WE won that day so thinking about COC’s free misses wouldn’t have been high on my agenda of remembrance :smile:




Totally agree. Overrated along with the whole of the Mayo team.