Jim Gavin's and Players Record


It seemed strange for Brogan to be wearing 27 alright, although it’s possible he was named on the ‘official’ list given to the match officials in place of someone that was named on the subs list in the programme, but that would only have become apparent if they went to use him which didn’t arise.


Someone said on here he was dropped off the panel in 2011 along with Paddy Andrews


I’m fairly certain he was part of the panel in 2011, although he didn’t play, as I heard from a friend of a friend that he didn’t really count the 11 medal, even back then, as he hadn’t contributed to it being won. A couple of last minute blockdowns later and he had earned what medals he got since.


Just looked back at the “A Rare Old Season” book from 2011 and there is no sign of him in the 32 man squad photo that was taken when they came on the field that day.


Perhaps not, but surely the extended panel would have more than 32 players involved, its usually quoted as being at least 36.


Yes, I was wondering if that was the case. On Sky they mentioned he was about to come on at one stage, I didn’t notice it myself at the match. If he was about to come on, then he must have been in the official 26.


He was definitely warming up at one stage which would suggest he was an actual option to come on.


Yeah, it does seem odd alright. My understanding was that Butsy wasn’t involved after the league final defeat to Cork but an ex-Resser who is from Swords was trying to convince me otherwise.


Anyone list the 11 subs? I was two rows behind and should be able to remember who was there. McHugh wasn’t which is what I noticed.


As per programme:

  1. Comerford
  2. Andrews
  3. Basquel
  4. Costello
  5. Daly
  6. Fitzsimons
  7. Flynn
  8. Lowndes
  9. MDMA
  10. McManamon
  11. O’Gara


Yep but I suppose one thing is that the DCB decides to get a medal for players, and rightly so IMO, another is the official stats of All Ireland medal winners, it clearly is not fair for example that only the 26 on the day get medals, I mean I guy that played all year could miss a final through injury or suspension, but IMO he should be considered an official winner, or maybe the DCB are given 26 official medals and it is up to them to decide the 26 that get them.


Problem solved, Butsy is in the team huddle photograph after the presentation.


Yep @dcr22B they were definitely all there.


I always thought i had seen Butsy bring on late late show in 2011 when the team on.


Denis Bastick wore number 27 last year at the Final and was in the team photo too.
He spent so long on the pitch afterwards kicking around with his little fella it looked fairly obvious he was making the most of his last time lining out with the team.