Jim Gavin's and Players Record


Why do people question JGs continuing in the job when he has given no indication that it is taking up too much of his time or that he is not enjoying it or that he is thinking of calling it a day???

The man seems hugely happy in the job, seems to have a good work- life balance and is obviously good at it … No?!


Who is the Parnells reject?


AFAIK O Gara has 5 missed out on 2015, not sure Berno will officially have 6 as dont think he was in the 26 named, although he did play a few minutes in the champo so not sure how they count the official medal winners




On O’ Gara you’re right. But Berno will get an all Ireland medal this year , you can be sure of that!

Of the players with 6 medals, James McCarthy at 28 is the youngest and most likely placed to hit further records Then you have lads like Ciaran Kilkenny whose only 25 with 5 medals already


The question is if the GAA give 26 medals are those medals given to the match day squad? and if so from a stats point of view are those 26 players the only ones considered official winners of a medal.


Costello has 5 and year younger than Kilkenny.


Sorry SD Wooly…


Costello , Cooper, Fitzsimons and O’,Gara have 7 All Ireland’s each when Minor, Under 21 or Junior are added in.


Jamsie and Kilkenny have 7 as well


If we are bringing other sports into it, Con o Callahan has won 6 all Ireland’s in two years


And Murch won the slow hand reel and the slip jig at the All Ireland Irish dancing championships 3 years in a row, plus he placed top 5 in the Worlds! :wink::wink::wink:


I assumed that’s who you were referring to… I noticed him commenting on the unfairness of the financial distribution to Dublin. While I agree we have an obvious advantage, it’s hard to take him seriously when he went out of his way to benefit from the ‘payment culture’ and doesn’t declare his conflict of interest.


Wooly has continously mocked Jim Gavin and Dublin player interviews over the years. He is one the few journalists that played intercounty at a decent level but lets himself down with childish remarks all the time. He slates Jim Gavin all the time and once referred to Mick O’Dwyer as a bluffer.


Hypocrites rarely do. The man is a comedy sideshow, I wouldn’t waste my time reading or listening to a single thing he had to say.


Official is being named on the 26 man squad on the day. The thing with Brogan was strange, togging him out as the 27th. I wouldn’t be mad about it, but there was no harm done I suppose


I like comedy.


How many has Darren Daly , I thought he was on the panel in 2011.


Daly has six as well as far as I know. Was part of the squad in 2011.


7 if you include his Junior all Ireland :+1::wink: